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MetroWest (Orlando)

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MetroWest is located in Florida
Location in Florida
Coordinates: 28°31′16″N 81°28′39″W / 28.52111°N 81.47750°W / 28.52111; -81.47750
CountryUnited States
MetroWest Development1982
Founded byAaron Dowd
DeveloperDebra Inc.
 • Total1,805 acres (730 ha)
Elevation198 ft (60 m)
Time zoneUTC-5 (Eastern (EST))
 • Summer (DST)UTC-4 (EDT)
Zip code
Area code(s)407 and 321
WebsiteMetroWest Master Association

MetroWest is a master-planned community in Orlando, a city located in the central portion of the U.S. state of Florida. The 1,805-acre (730 ha) mixed-use community is located southwest of downtown Orlando,[4] with the main entrance situated on MetroWest Boulevard, off of Kirkman Road.

The neighborhood was developed in the 1980s by Debra, Inc., an Orlando-based developer, as a business, commercial and residential community; a place where people can live, work and play. It has over 9,600 residential homes as of 2013 (see Residential neighborhoods below). Housing options in the diverse community of Metrowest include a range of single-family homes with several apartment, townhome and condominium complexes spread over the gently rolling landscape.

MetroWest is managed by the MetroWest Master Association (MWMA), a corporation formed by Debra, Inc., which has the overall responsibility and right in maintaining the standards of all common areas located within the community.[5] Past and future developments, projects and changes in MetroWest are first approved by the association's Design Review Board (DRB) following guidelines for quality and architecture that is harmonious to the present structures and topography.[6] The beautiful award-winning landscaping and clean environment keep MetroWest at the top of the City of Orlando's most beautiful places to live in.[7]


Replica of the Horses of Saint Mark in Venice, Italy at the entrance to MetroWest Village

The 1,805-acre (730 ha) mixed-use community is located in western Orlando. It is bounded by Kirkman Road to the east; by Turkey Lake to the southeast; by Pembrooke Pines development to the south; by the Florida's Turnpike to the southwest; Apopka-Vineland Road on its western tip; and to the north by Steer Lake Road, Edgewood Children's Ranch, Lake Hiawassee and Orlo Vista, Florida.[8]

Bisecting the middle of the development, winding from north to south, is South Hiawassee Road, which also serves as the main entrance coming from the north and only entrance from the south. The other north entry point is through Lake Vilma Drive, off of Steer Lake Road. There are several entrances on the eastern side of the community, from north to south: Westgate Dr; Raleigh St; the north and south Valencia Community College Dr; north and south Metropolis Way; MetroWest Blvd, the main entrance of the community; and Arnold Palmer Drive. The main entrance of MetroWest is only 2.5 miles (4.0 km) north of Universal Studios Orlando. [8]

Hiawassee Rd was widened during the construction of MetroWest
MetroWest Village, the first shopping center established in the community

After five years and an estimated $50 million worth of preparation, tracts of land were sold to developers and builders for residential and business projects. The Metrowest Master Association (MWMA) was established by Debra, Inc. on February 17, 1986 and thereafter, all construction and design plans are first examined by the Design Review Board (DRB) of the MWMA following strict guidelines before approval.[9] The original master plan for the community included up to 4,500 residential units; 6 million square feet of office space, 2.5 million square feet of retail, restaurant, and industrial space; and 3,700 hotel rooms. Like other master-planned communities, the development was designed as a place where people can live, work and play. The 350-acre (140 ha) urban center, where dense development was planned, lies south of MetroWest Blvd and extends to Turkey Lake. The development has an about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) of frontage on the lake.[2]

Work on the Metrowest Golf clubhouse was started in 1986. It was opened and dedicated the following year. The course was first managed by the Arnold Palmer Golf Management.[1][10] Residential development near the community's 18-hole golf course was started in 1987. By 1989, about 700 single-family homes or villas have been built or planned. Another 1,300 apartment units had been built or were on the drawing boards. Development was also started on the community's most exclusive residential area, Palma Vista, a planned 200-lot subdivision that surrounds the 13th and 14th holes of the golf course on the highest land in the community. The crest of the property, at an elevation of 198 feet (60 m) above sea level, is one of the highest points in Orange County and offers views of downtown Orlando's skyline 5 miles (8.0 km) to the east.[2] The community's first shopping center, MetroWest Village at the corner of S. Hiawassee Rd and Westpointe Blvd, was opened in the fall of 1990 completely leased.[11]

Residential neighborhoods

A directory-road sign on Hiawassee Rd showing the neighborhoods in MetroWest.


There are nine subdivisions with single-family homes and one townhome complex in Metrowest with a total 1,259 residential units.[12]

No. Subdivision Address No. of
single-family homes
1 Fairway Cove S. Hiawassee Rd. 140
2 Hawksnest S. Hiawassee Rd. 91
3 MetroWest Unit 5:
a) Abingdon Hill
b) Bardmoor
c) St. Andrews
Westpointe Blvd. 367 Total
4 Palma Vista Westpointe Blvd. 189
5 Stonebridge Lakes Shallot Dr. 103
6 Villa Capri
Arnold Palmer Dr. 141
7 Vista Royale Vista Royale Blvd. 70
8 Westchester Piccadilly Lane 160
9 Ridgemoore Bridgestone Dr


The Residences at Veranda, a 142-unit condominium in MetroWest
The Tradewinds on S. Hiawassee Rd

Fourteen condominium complexes with over 4,851 residential units.[13] Some of these dwellings were previous apartments converted into condominiums during the housing boom.[4]

No. Condominium complex Location No. of units
1 Azur at MetroWest
(formerly Colonial Grand at MetroWest
and Centergate MetroWest)
Raleigh St. 311
2 Bermuda Dunes Westpointe Blvd. 336
3 Central Park at MetroWest
(formerly Victoria Point Apts.)
Westgate Dr. 400
4 Fountains at MetroWest
(formerly Toscana at MetroWest)
Westgate Dr. 238
5 The Hamptons at MetroWest Times Square Ave. 766
6 Madison at MetroWest
(formerly Worthing at MetroWest)
Robert Trent Jones Dr. 364
7 Promenade Buford St. 124
8 Residences at Veranda Grande Ave. 142
9 Serenata
(formerly Douglas Grand at MetroWest)
MetroWest Blvd. 398
10 Stonebridge Commons:
a) Carriage Homes
b) Mandalay
c) Ventura
d) Vistas
Ducados Pointe 622 Total
a) 172
b) 104
c) 200
d) 146
11 Stonebridge Lakes Shallot Dr. 208
12 Stonebridge Place
b) Vistas
Tolstoy Lane 310 Total[14][15]
a) 180
13 Stonebridge Reserve Robert Trent Jones Dr. 296
14 Tradewinds
(formerly Lakefront at MetroWest)
S. Hiawassee Rd. 544


The La Palazza apartment complex located along Turkey Lake

Ten complexes with a total of 3,557 units make up the apartments in MetroWest.[16]

No. Apartment complex Location No. of units
1 Amara at MetroWest
(formerly Vinings Club at MetroWest)
Raleigh St. 456
2 The Estates at Park Avenue Biltmore Park Dr. 432
3 Harbortown
(aka Gates of Harbortown)
Lake Debra Dr. 428
4 La Palazza
(formerly Alexan Club at MetroWest)
Lake Debra Dr. 510
5 Landmark at Siena Springs
(formerly Lexington Park)
Westgate Dr. 252
6 Marina Landing Westgate Dr. 260
7 Indigo West
(formerly Sabal Palm at MetroWest)
Raleigh St. 411
8 The Summit MetroWest Blvd. 280
9 Vista Verde S. Hiawassee Rd. 200
10 Alvista at MetroWest
(formerly The Element at MetroWest)
Lake Debra Dr. 328


  • Golf Ridge is a 59-unit condominium complex off of S. Hiawassee Rd. near Raleigh St. that is completely surrounded, but not part of MetroWest.[17][18]

Public Safety: Our partnership. Our commitment.

As MetroWest Master Association, an award-winning community in Central Florida, our mission is to contribute toward the quality of life for our residents, business owners and visitors alike, by fostering an environment in which Public Safety is a key component of the community.

Thriving MetroWest communities are the paramount consideration for all of MetroWest. That's why the MetroWest Master Association (MWMA) has partnered with Critical Intervention Services, Inc. (CIS), Florida's leading protection agency dedicated to public safety strategies in the community environment. Together, we have developed a comprehensive Public Safety Program for MetroWest. [19]

For more than 30 years, MetroWest has been one of Orlando's premier working and living communities. The MetroWest Master Association (MWMA) strives to maintain resident and business owner expectations for the highest quality of life in our distinctive community. Through our partnership, the MWMA and CIS pledge to work together to encourage MetroWest residents and business owners alike to engage in the Public Safety Program and to connect within the MetroWest community, because a connected community is a protected community.

In CIS, we have a partner with more than 20 years of experience and a worldwide reputation for dramatically enhancing public safety. And now, they are bringing it to our very own MetroWest communities. The CIS approach, called the Community and Character Based Protective Initiative (CCBPI), is based on establishing trust, connection and organization within the community to deprive criminals of the fear and disorder they thrive upon. The MWMA is confident our partnership will, over time, maximize community cohesion and minimize community concerns, resulting in the highest quality of living within MetroWest. [20]


Schools located within Metrowest

  • MetroWest Elementary School is a public school on Lake Vilma Rd. that was opened in 1986 to serve the children of the community from PK to Grade 5.[21]
  • Valencia College West Campus, along Kirkman Rd, was awarded as the top community college of the nation in 2011 by the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program.[22]

Middle school

Students who live west of South Hiawassee Drive are zoned to attend Gotha Middle School on Gotha Road in Windermere, Florida. Students east of South Hiawassee Drive go to Chain of Lakes Middle School on Conroy-Windermere Road in also in Windermere.[23][24]

High school

High school students living in MetroWest are zoned to Olympia High School on Apopka-Vineland Road in Orlando, which opened in August 2001.[23]


  • Winner of the Orlando's City Beautiful Award for District 6 in 2012 for its well-kept, aesthetically pleasing grounds, and litter-free environment.[7]
  • Metrowest is the statewide winner for the 2013 Safety and Security Award from the Florida Communities of Excellence awarded on April 5, 2013.[25]


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