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Meigu County

Meigu County
美姑县 · ꂿꈬꑤ
Location of Meigu within Sichuan (China).png
Coordinates: 28°19′44″N 103°07′55″E / 28.329°N 103.132°E / 28.329; 103.132
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Autonomous prefectureLiangshan
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)

Meigu County (Chinese: 美姑县; pinyin: Měigū Xiàn; Yi: ꂿꈬꑤ) is a part of the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in the south of Sichuan province. Located in the northeast of Liangshan Prefecture, it has a major concentration of the Nuosu or Yi people. The county is largely mountainous. It is a poor area and much of the land has been deforested in the past 50 years.[citation needed]

Many bimo (shaman) live in this county, and it is home to the Cultural Centre for Bimo Studies.

  • Postal code for Meigu County: 616450

Size and population

  • Area: 2,574 sq. kilometers
  • Percentage of cultivated land: 4.98%
  • Per capita cultivated land: 733 sq. meters
  • Population: 178,642
  • Number of Households: 44,702
  • Percentage of Yi among the population: 97.6%

Economic data, 2002

  • GDP: 204,940,000 RMB

Gross annual output value from:

  • Agriculture: 88,670,000 RMB
  • Forestry: 17,330,000 RMB
  • Animal husbandry: 98,670,000 RMB
  • Other: 270,000 RMB

Net annual income averaged per farmer: 917 RMB

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