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Meigu County

Location of Meigu within Sichuan

Meigu County (Chinese: 美姑县; pinyin: Měigū Xiàn;Yi:ꂿꈬꑤ) is a part of the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Located in the northeast part of Liangshan, it has a major concentration of the Nuosu or Yi people. The county is largely mountainous. It is a poor area and much of the land has been deforested in the past 50 years.

Many bimo (shaman) live in this county, and it is home to the Cultural Centre for Bimo Studies.

  • Postal code for Meigu County: 616450

Size and population

  • Area: 2,574 sq. kilometers
  • Percentage of cultivated land: 4.98%
  • Per capita cultivated land: 733 sq. meters
  • Population: 178,642
  • Number of Households: 44,702
  • Percentage of Yi among the population: 97.6%

Economic data, 2002

  • GDP: 204,940,000 RMB

Gross annual output value from:

  • Agriculture: 88,670,000 RMB
  • Forestry: 17,330,000 RMB
  • Animal husbandry: 98,670,000 RMB
  • Other: 270,000 RMB

Net annual income averaged per farmer: 917 RMB

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