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Mawes language

RegionPapua: Sarmi Regency, Bonggo District - Mawes Dai, Mawes Mukti, and Mawes Wres villages to the west of the Buri River
Native speakers
850 (2006)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3mgk

Mawes is a Papuan language of Indonesia.

Usher (2020) proposes that it may be related to the Kwerbic languages.[3] Foley (2018) classifies Mawes as a language isolate,[4] and so does Hammarström (2010).[5]


Pronouns are:[4]

sg pl
1 kidam inim
2 nam nɛm
3 ɛbɛ mia

Basic vocabulary

Basic vocabulary of Mawes listed in Foley (2018):[4]

Mawes basic vocabulary
gloss Mawes
‘bird’ ikinin
‘blood’ wɛrɛi
‘bone’ tuan
‘ear’ bɛr
‘eat’ nan
‘egg’ siwin
‘eye’ nonsum
‘fire’ kani
‘leg, foot’ yaʔ
‘louse’ sene
‘name’ dimanɛ
‘one’ mɛndakai
‘see’ nomo
‘sky’ kowan
‘stone’ fɛt
‘sun’ ɛsar
‘tooth’ wan
‘tree’ dengkin
‘two’ yakɛneu
‘water’ bo
‘woman’ yei


Of the few sentences that have been documented for Mawes, some example sentences are:[4]:497-8


ɛbɛ marsya nomtak
3SG yesterday come
‘He came yesterday.’


wɛdɛ ɛbɛ ketes
dog 3SG bite
‘The dog bit him.’


ke-me totoso kida-wɛn mamɛnta fɛn tamu(k)
man-? money 1SG-POSS father DAT/ALL give
‘That man gave money to my father.’


ɛbɛ-mɛ dengkin nambuak kom sorna
3sg-? tree machete INSTR cut
‘He is cutting wood with a machete.’


ke-me sau fɛn banak
man-? village DAT/ALL go
‘That man went to the village.’


ke-me sau-er nom
man-? village-ABL come
‘That man came from the village.’


ke-me yei dete banak
man-? woman COMIT go
‘That man went with his wife.’

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