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Mashco Piro language

Mashco Piro
Native toPeru
EthnicityMashco Piro
Native speakers
(20–100 cited 1976)[1]
  • Southern
Language codes
ISO 639-3cuj

Mashco Puro is a Maipurean language spoken in Peru. It is also called Cujareño. It is very similar to the Piro, with an estimated 60% inherent intelligibility.[1] Kaufman considered it a dialect of Piro; Aikhenvald suggests it may rather be a dialect of otherwise extinct Iñapari.

Language documentation is limited, since the Mascho Piro are highly nomadic hunter-gatherers[1] who avoid contact with outsiders. The name Cujareño has been associated with the Panoan languages, though without much evidence.


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