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Marking may refer to:


Marking may refer to human-made symbols and annotations in several contexts:

On vehicles

On other manufactured goods

Other symbols

  • Grading (education), evaluation of the performance of a student
  • Lamb marking, a process of earmarking, castration and tail-docking of the lambs of domestic sheep
  • Postal marking, annotation applied to a letter by a postal service
  • Road surface marking, such as lines or words, or the stripes of a zebra crossing on a road surface
  • Territorial marking, a behavior used by animals to identify their territory
  • Trail blazing, marks in outdoor areas that indicate the direction of a trail
  • The process of assigning priorities to objects of interest, for the purposes of targeting, surveillance or analysis
  • Timber marking, selecting the trees to be cut in a forest stand by marking them with a marking axe


  • Marker (linguistics), a free or bound morpheme that indicates the grammatical function of the marked word, phrase, or sentence
  • Markedness, the state of standing out as unusual or divergent in comparison to a more common or regular form



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