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Maquis du Mont Mouchet

Battle of Mont Mouchet
Régions résistance.jpg
Geographic organization of the French Resistance. Mont Mouchet is on the border of R6 and R3
DateMay 1944 – June 1944
Result German victory
Free France French Resistance

 Vichy France

Commanders and leaders
Free France Émile Coulaudon Nazi Germany Curt von Jesser
2,700 maquisards 3,000 german soldiers; unknown number of policemen and Milice Franc-Gardes
Casualties and losses
238 dead, 180 wounded ?
100 civilians executed by Germans

The Maquis du Mont Mouchet were a group of French resistance fighters during the Second World War. Based at Mont Mouchet, its goal was to delay the convergence of German forces in the south of France with those in Normandy, in order to aid the allies in the reconquest of France.

The Germans, having discovered the maquis, made several attacks up until May 1944 with about 3,000 men and using aviation and armoured units. The maquisards fought back fiercely.

Little information is available on the German forces. Historians have identified some units:

  • The Jesser Brigade, formed from veterans of the eastern front (deployed in the Orléans-Pithiviers sector)
  • Sicherungs-Regiment 1000
  • Aufklärungsabteilung 1000

These were reinforced from:

After several days of combat, the final German attack forced the maquisards to fall back and disperse. Out of revenge for their previous losses, the Germans pillaged several of the surrounding villages, including Clavières.

In the course of the battles, the French Forces of the Interior sustained severe losses: 238 killed and 180 wounded as well as about 100 hostages executed by the Nazis.