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Lo que la vida me robó

Lo que la vida me robó
Lo que la vida me robó.jpg
Genre Telenovela
Created by Juan Carlos Alcalá
Written by
  • Rosa Salazar Arenas
  • Fermín Zúñiga
  • Jorge Cervantes
Story by
Directed by
  • Claudio Reyes
  • Manuel Barajas
  • Sergio Cataño
  • Armando Zafra
Theme music composer Enrique Iglesias
Opening theme "El perdedor" by Enrique Iglesias and Marco Antonio Solís
Ending theme "Corazones invencibles" by Aleks Syntek
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 197
Executive producer(s) Angelli Nesma Medina
Producer(s) Juan Ignacio Alarcón
Camera setup Multi-camera
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original release October 28, 2013 (2013-10-28) – July 27, 2014 (2014-07-27)
Preceded by La tempestad
Followed by Hasta el fin del mundo
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Lo que la vida me robó (English title: What Life Took From Me), is a Mexican telenovela produced by Angelli Nesma Medina for Televisa, broadcast by Canal de las Estrellas now known as Las Estrellas. The series originally aired from October 28, 2013 to July 27, 2014. It is an adaptation of the telenovela of 1983 Bodas de odio produced by Ernesto Alonso, which also inspired Amor real, produced by Carla Estrada in 2003.

The series is starring Daniela Castro as Graciela, Angelique Boyer as Montserrat, Sebastián Rulli as Alejandro, Luis Roberto Guzmán as José Luis, Sergio Sendel as Pedro, Rogelio Guerra as Lauro, Eric del Castillo as Padre Anselmo, Grettell Valdez as María, Alberto Estrella as Juventino, Ana Bertha Espín as Rosario, Juan Carlos Barreto as Macario and Gabriela Rivero as Carlota.

The telenovela tells the story of Montserrat, whom her mother has chosen to be the solution of the family's economic problems, forcing her to marry a wealthy young man.


The story takes place in Agua Azul, where Montserrat lives. Montserrat is a beautiful young socialite who has always been domineered by her mother, Graciela, whose only concern is their high society status, even though the family is financially ruined. Montserrat secretly maintains a relationship with José Luis, a marine, whom she plans to marry.[1][2]

The novela opens with Montserrat Mendoza (Angelique Boyer), taking a walk in Agua Azul. Sebastian de Icaza (Osvaldo de Leon), Montserrat’s fiance, returns from studying overseas, only to discover that Montserrat has moved on and is engaged in an illicit affair with Jose Luis (Luis Roberto Guzman), a marine. Sebastian calls off the wedding, returning to Europe in a rage.[3]

At the same time, Alejandro Almonte (Sebastian Rulli), who is a ranch hand in a nearby plantation, is the only one, along with Father Ancelmo (Eric del Castillo), allowed to see the plantation’s owner and tend to him, as he lies on his deathbed. Benjamin Almonte (Ignacio Casano), a domineering, cold-hearted man, is deathly ill and unable to see to his immense wealth and property. Graciela Mendoza (Daniela Castro), Monterrat’s mother, visits the plantation and it is revealed she has been Benjamin’s lover for several years, and hopes to receive an inheritance. Minutes before his death, he orders a change in his will, giving Alejandro, his illegitimate son power over all of his holdings. This infuriates Graciela, who resents Alejandro for taking the wealth she feels she rightfully deserves. Alejandro does not receive the news well and rides his horse to the beach at night, where he meets Montserrat, who had agreed to a meeting with Jose Luis in the same location. In the dark, Montserrat mistakes Alejandro for Jose Luis and hugs him, but when she sees that he is someone else, she apologizes. Alejandro, mesmerized by Montserrat’s beauty, asks her why she came to the same place. Montserrat refuses to tell him, choosing to keep the nature of her visit a secret. Dimitrio Mendoza (Osvaldo Benavides), a freeloading, hedonistic bachelor, decides to sell the deed and title of the house where he and his family live to Bruno Gamboa, in order to pay off a debt.

Alejandro visits Agua Azul as the new plantation owner, and enters high society. He spots Montserrat on a stroll, and is felled by her beauty. Bruno Gamboa is then revealed to be the administrator to one of the factories Alejandro inherited. Alejandro, having gone over the factory’s paperwork, discovers that Bruno has been reporting the factory’s earnings incorrectly and taking some profits for himself, in order to lend to people like Dimitrio. Alejandro threatens to press charges against Bruno if he does not give him the inventory lists and budget sheets for the factory within two days, and repays the money he has stolen from his father over the years. In an effort to make reparations Bruno gives Alejandro the deeds to the Mendoza house as an I.O.U. Graciela, not finding a solution to their financial problems, blames Montserrat for everything that’s happened, including the heart attack that her father suffered. Dimitrio later confesses to his mother that he delivered the deed and title of their home to Bruno. Both he and Graciela then pay a visit to Bruno, in order to negotiate for the deed of their house. When Bruno blows them off, they leave dejected. Dimitrio decides to take justice into his own hands, returning to Bruno’s office and demanding the deed. Their fight escalates, and Bruno draws his gun. Both engage in a scuffle, and Dimitrio accidentally fires the gun, killing Bruno.[4]

In desperation, Graciela pays a visit to Alejandro, who she has discovered is the current owner of the deed. She explains her family’s situation, and Alejandro agrees to return the deed to the house, as long as Graciela agrees to allow him to court her daughter. Seeing an opportunity, Graciela says she will look past his social position as a bastard and allow him, so long as he helps the family’s financial situation, and keeps the nature of her relationship with his father a secret. Alejandro agrees, claiming he should have known Graciela would try to get her hands on his father’s inheritance any way she could.

Montserrat’s father, retired general Lauro Almonte (Rogelio Guerra), has a severe heart condition and is unable to see to their family’s farm, prompting in a decline in their finances. He is deeply disappointed with Dimitrio’s gambling, and inability to make something of himself. He expresses his adoration for his daughter, wishing to give Montserrat everything he can to make her happy. Montserrat wishes for Jose Luis to meet her father and ask for her hand, but at every instance Jose Luis weasels his way out of it, asking her instead to run away with him. Alejandro then visits the family home, taking the opportunities Jose Luis lets slip and attends family dinners, in an effort to connect with Montserrat. He offers to buy a piece of land Montserrat owns in order to expand his factory, but Montserrat refuses. After Jose Luis convinces Montserrat to elope, she then accepts the deal, knowing they will need the money when they are on the run. Seeing that Montserrat is not accepting his advances, Graciela tells Montserrat that they are on the brink of losing everything, and that it is because of Alejandro’s generosity that they still have a roof over their heads. At the same time, Dimitrio, backed by a plan created by Graciela, plants Bruno Gamboa’s gun in Jose Luis’ room, knowing the police will initiate an investigation soon.

Jose Luis is wrongly imprisoned for Bruno Gamboa’s murder, when Graciela asks a marine general and family friend to press charges. Unable to contact Montserrat, she believes he has betrayed her. Dimitrio adds fuel to the fire by hiring an exotic dancer Esmeralda (Margarita Magana) to act like she is Jose Luis’s ex-girlfriend, whose money he stole after pretending to be in love with her. Montserrat then believes that Jose Luis’s plan was to do the same, and that the money she got from selling her land was meant to be stolen by him. Disillusioned by love, Montserrat agrees to Graciela’s plan, and agrees to marry Alejandro, not knowing the two had made a deal before hand.

Alejandro then proposes after dating for some time, to which Montserrat asks for a few days in order to think about it. Nadia (Alejandra Garcia), Montserrat’s best friend, asks Montserrat if she truly does not have feelings for Alejandro. Montserrat then realizes she could fall in love with Alejandro if given time, and agrees to marry him. A day before the wedding, during a heated argument, Graciela reveals to Montserrat that Alejandro asked for a chance to woo her in exchange for helping their family. Montserrat thinks that Alejandro bought her, causing her to hate him. The day of their wedding, Jose Luis escapes from prison with help from Refugio (Carlos de la Mota), and the two kill a marine in their escape. Jose Luis arrives at Montserrat’s wedding, but it is too late and she has already married Alejandro. During their conversation Victor (Alejandro Avila), Alejandro’s best friend, records the two planning to escape together. He shows this video to Alejandro, who slams the phone in a jealous rage and confronts Montserrat when she is packing her things. In a haste to get her away from Jose Luis and pained by her betrayal, they leave the wedding in a haste and he closes her off from any contact with outsiders. During an argument Montserrat admits she is in love with Jose Luis, and that she loathes Alejandro. Heartbroken, Alejandro drinks and wallows in his pain, realizing that he has been tricked by her family and married her believing that she had loved him. Montserrat is simultaneously pained, believing that he conspired with her mother to pressure her into agreeing to their marriage.

Events unfold that cause the two to argue. Maria (Grettell Valdez) is the daughter of the former foreman, who has been in love with Alejandro her whole life, despite Alejandro seeing her as nothing but a sister. Maria’s father was killed by vigilantes, later revealed to have been led by her uncle, Juventino (Alberto Estrella). She is shocked to find that Alejandro has returned to the ranch with Montserrat as his new bride, and immediately hates her. Montserrat, depressed after missing her chance to leave with Jose Luis, refuses to assume her role as head of the house. Alejandro then asks Maria to take charge, and she then belittles those she used to be equal with. Montserrat, annoyed by her attitude, butts heads with her often, causing Alejandro to think she is being bratty. She accuses him of warping things in order to marry her, claiming he killed Bruno Gamboa, framed Jose Luis and hired Esmeralda in an effort to get her to marry him. On the other hand, Maria then underhandedly provokes Montserrat, in order to get Alejandro to leave her. She pressures Alejandro to divorce Montserrat, claiming she does not love him, and should not be living on the ranch anyway. However, Alejandro’s feelings for Montserrat are unchanged despite knowing the nature of her betrayal with Jose Luis. Having had enough, Montserrat claims her title as head of the house and asks all employees to defer to her, instead of Maria. Enraged, Maria complains to Alejandro, but instead he is pleased to hear that Montserrat is beginning to care about what is happening around her. As Montserrat assumes her role and learns more about Alejandro from those he used to work alongside with, she realizes that he is not the person she thought he was. Following one touching conversation, Montserrat and Alejandro both discover they had been manipulated by Graciela, and Montserrat begins to care for him.

Jose Luis, having escaped and then discovered the location Montserrat is now residing in, finds the dead body of the foreman meant to replace Maria’s father at Alejandro’s plantation. Assuming his identity, Jose Luis enters the plantation under the alias Antonio Olivarez, and intends to convince Montserrat to escape with him. Montserrat, conflicted by her growing feelings for Alejandro and her residual feelings for Jose Luis, is unable to make a choice. Events unfold that reveal that Jose Luis knew about the nature of Bruno Gamboa’s death, and Esmeralda’s hiring, but kept the information from Montserrat because he feared she was getting closer to Alejandro. Montserrat finds herself unable to trust him, admitting that he constantly takes the coward’s way out, because he did not fight for her hand in marriage when he had the chance to introduce himself to her father, and that his solution for everything is to run away or pretend to be someone else–instead of standing up for their love and what he believes in.

Meanwhile, Nadia is miserable in her marriage to the municipal president of Agua Azul, Pedro Medina (Sergio Sendel). Pedro refuses to spend time with her or be sexually active, giving her money and sending her on shopping sprees instead. Realizing that what she truly wishes for is for someone to love her, Nadia finds herself falling for Victor, who initially approached her help his friend Alejandro discover Montserrat’s plans to escape. Victor falls in love with her, and the two take up a secret affair, prompting the ire of Pedro, who uses his position of power to pressure Victor into leaving Nadia alone. It is revealed that Pedro Medina has a personal vendetta against Alejandro as well, for he believes that Alejandro was the reason he was in an accident that emasculated him, resulting in him never being physical with any woman.

Montserrat then realizes that her “love” for José Luis was only puppy love, and that she has learned what true love is and feels like with Alejandro. Events unfold that challenge the bond between the two, but their love is fortified with every obstacle they face. However, although she has moved on, Jose Luis’ obsession with her has not. Jose Luis’s love for her becomes obsessive, at times endangering Montserrat and everything she holds dear. After many trials and tribulations, Montserrat and Alejandro emerge from the chaos together and more in love than ever, looking towards a new beginning.[5]



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The filming of the telenovela officially began on August 2, 2013, in the state of Campeche, Mexico. The first actors confirmed apart from Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer were Osvaldo Benavides, Grettell Valdez, who plays the role of the villain, Alexis Ayala, among others.[1]Because the telenovela extended more in the production and chapters, several chapters were recorded in scenes of exteriors and in the Hacienda Uayamón, in Campeche, in which the temperatures were of 30 degrees, and they lasted 16 hours of work.[2]A few weeks after the recordings began in 2013 in the state of Campeche, Mexico, the telenovela suspended the recordings due to the bad weather.[3]

Several photos were posted on Twitter, some were taken on the beaches of Yucatán and historic streets as well as Telchac Puerto, Celestún and Mérida, Yucatán.[4]


Season Timeslot (CT) Episodes First aired Last aired Avg. viewers
Date Viewers
Date Viewers
1 Mon–Fri 9:20pm 197 October 28, 2013 (2013-10-28) 20.0[5] July 27, 2014 (2014-07-27) 30.9[6] 46.6[6]


Track Song Singer(s) Running time References
1 "El perdedor" Enrique Iglesias and Marco Antonio Solís 4:22 [7]
2 "Corazones invencibles" Aleks Syntek 4:22 [8]
3 "Vuelvo a nacer" Alex Sirvent and Andrea Parmeggiani 4:25 [9]
4 "Volver a amar" Alex Sirvent N/A [10]
5 "Lo que siento por ti" Carlos de la Mota 4:20 [11]
6 "Cruzaré mil mares" Alex Sirvent 3:54 [12]
7 "Mujer prohibida" Alejandro Ávila N/A [13]
8 "Este amor es muy grande" Banda Los Sebastianes 3:24 [14]
9 "Aún" Jaime Flores and Magda Castelo 4:13 [15]
10 "Volvería a mentir" Evelyn de la Luz 4:33 [16]
11 "Mi mejor amigo" Mafer N/A [17]
12 "No puedo amarte" N/A 3:46 [18]
13 "Amores de cristal" Luja 3:47 [19]
14 "Gracias" Jorge Daher N/A [20]
15 "Gracias" Alex Sirvent 3:53 [21]
16 "Frío" Alex Sirvent 3:11 [22]
17 "Chica Loka" La Klave 3:40 [23]

Awards and nominations

Year Association Category Nominated Result
2014 Premios Juventud[24] ¡He's Hot! Sebastián Rulli Nominated
Girl that leaves me sleepless Angelique Boyer Won
Best theme novelero "El Perdedor" Won
Premios People en Español[25] Best Actress Angelique Boyer Nominated
Most Handsome Sebastian Rulli Won
2015 33rd TVyNovelas Awards[26] Best Telenovela of the Year Lo que la vida me robó Nominated
Best Lead Actress Angelique Boyer Nominated
Best Lead Actor Sebastián Rulli Won
Best Female Antagonist Daniela Castro Won
Best Male Antagonist Alexis Ayala Nominated
Sergio Sendel Nominated
Best First Actress Ana Bertha Espín Nominated
Best Co-star Actor Luis Roberto Guzmán Won
Best Supporting Actress Margarita Magaña Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Osvaldo Benavides Won
Best Musical Theme "El Perdedor" Nominated
Best Original Story or Adaptation Juan Carlos Alcalá, Rosa Salazar and Fermín Zúñiga Won
Favoritos del Público TVyNovelas Awards[27] Favorite couple Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli Nominated
Slap favorite Daniela Castro and Angelique Boyer Nominated
Best Kiss Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer Nominated
Luis Roberto Guzmán and Angelique Boyer Nominated
The Most Handsome Sebastián Rulli Nominated
The Prettiest Angelique Boyer Nominated
Favorite Villains Daniela Castro Nominated
Sergio Sendel Nominated
Alexis Ayala Nominated
Favorite final Lo que la vida me robó Nominated


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