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List of years in sumo

The following is a list of year in sumo articles listed in chronological order from the most recent. Each gives an overview of the happenings in sumo for each year listed. The highlights below refer only to top division championships.




*Takahanada would later become the 2nd Takanohana.


  • 1989 in sumo - Chiyonofuji and Hokutoumi vie for dominance at three and two championships respectively, Konishiki gets first tournament win
  • 1988 in sumo - Asahifuji has first win, Chiyonofuji takes the last four tournaments and record for longest bout winning streak in modern sumo history - later surpassed by Hakuho
  • 1987 in sumo - Hokutoumi and Onokuni are promoted to yokozuna; Futahaguro is forced to retire

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