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List of universities and colleges in Sichuan

The following is List of Universities and Colleges in Sichuan.


The following notation is used:

  • National (Direct): Directly administered by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE)
  • National (Other): Administered by other ministries
  • Ω (National Key Universities): Universities with high regards from the MOE and the Chinese government
  • Provincial: Public university administered by the province (or the autonomous region)
  • Municipal: Public university administered by the municipality
  • Private: Privately owned and funded university, or independent institution
  • Mainland-HMT: Mainland China-Hong Kong or Macao or Taiwan joint venture university
  • Sino-foreign: Sino-foreign joint venture university

The default list should follow the neutral order provided by MOE, namely the numerical order of identification codes.




  • Chengdu Neusoft University (成都东软学院, Chengdu)
  • Sichuan University of Media and Communications (四川传媒学院, Chengdu)
  • Chengdu College of Arts and Sciences (成都文理学院, Chengdu)
  • Sichuan University of Culture and Arts (四川文化艺术学院, Mianyang)
  • Sichuan Institute of Industrial Science and technology (四川工业科技学院, Deyang)
  • Sichuan Film and Television University (四川电影电视学院, Chengdu)
  • Sichuan Technology and Business University (四川工商学院, Chengdu)

Independent institution

  • Jincheng College of Sichuan University (四川大学锦城学院, Chengdu)
  • Sichuan University Jinjiang College (四川大学锦江学院, Meishan)
  • Chengdu College of University of Electronic Science And Technology of China (电子科技大学成都学院, Chengdu)
  • Tianfu College of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (西南财经大学天府学院, Mianyang, Chengdu)
  • The Engineering&Technical College of Chengdu University of Technology (成都理工大学工程技术学院, Leshan)
  • Chengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies University (四川外国语大学成都学院, Chengdu)
  • YinXing Hospitality Management College of CUIT (成都信息工程大学银杏酒店管理学院, Chengdu)
  • City College,Southwest University of Science and Technology (西南科技大学城市学院, Mianyang)
  • Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College (西南交通大学希望学院, Nanchong, Chengdu)