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List of tourist attractions in Calgary

The city of Calgary is located in Alberta, Canada and has over one million inhabitants. Tourism is an important part of the economy.

List of attractions


Address Type Remarks Image
Arts Commons 205 8 Avenue S.E
51°02′43″N 114°03′37″W / 51.04528°N 114.06028°W / 51.04528; -114.06028 (EPCOR Centre)
Arts venue Performing arts venue, home of Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
EPCOR Centre
Burns Building 237 8 Ave SE
51°02′45″N 114°03′31″W / 51.04583°N 114.05861°W / 51.04583; -114.05861 (Calgary Burns Building)
Building Historic site built by Pat Burns in 1913
Burns Building
Calgary Tower 101 9 Ave SW
51°02′40.0″N 114°03′48.7″W / 51.044444°N 114.063528°W / 51.044444; -114.063528 (Calgary Tower)
Tower Observation tower
Calgary Tower
Chinese Cultural Centre 197 1 St SW
51°03′06″N 114°03′56″W / 51.05167°N 114.06556°W / 51.05167; -114.06556 (Chinese Cultural Centre)
Museum Largest facility of its kind in North America[citation needed]
Chinese Cultural Centre
City Hall 800 Macleod Trail SE
51°02′42″N 114°03′26″W / 51.04500°N 114.05722°W / 51.04500; -114.05722 (City Hall)
Building National Historic Site
City Hall
Devonian Gardens 409 8 Ave SW
51°02′45.6″N 114°04′23.4″W / 51.046000°N 114.073167°W / 51.046000; -114.073167 (Devonian Gardens)
Urban park Botanical garden with seasonal exhibitions
Devonian Gardens
Dragon City Mall 100 3 Ave SE
51°03′02.2″N 114°03′43.6″W / 51.050611°N 114.062111°W / 51.050611; -114.062111 (Dragon City Mall)
Shopping mall Asian-themed mall
Dragon City Mall
Fairmont Palliser Hotel 133 9 Ave SW
51°02′40″N 114°03′55″W / 51.04444°N 114.06528°W / 51.04444; -114.06528 (Fairmont Palliser)
Hotel One of Canada's grand railway hotels
Fairmont Palliser
Fort Calgary 750 9 Ave SE
51°02′42.5″N 114°02′44.8″W / 51.045139°N 114.045778°W / 51.045139; -114.045778 (Fort Calgary)
Museum National Historic Site
Fort Calgary
Glenbow Museum 130 9 Ave SE
51°02′41″N 114°03′39″W / 51.04472°N 114.06083°W / 51.04472; -114.06083 (Glenbow Museum)
Museum Western Canada's largest museum
Glenbow Museum
Shaw Millennium Park 800 11 St SW
51°02′46″N 114°05′30″W / 51.04611°N 114.09167°W / 51.04611; -114.09167 (Millennium Park)
Urban park Skatepark
Millennium Park
National Music Centre 134 11 Ave SE
51°02′33″N 114°03′39″W / 51.04250°N 114.06083°W / 51.04250; -114.06083 (Cantos Foundation)
Museum Over 2,000 rare instruments and artifacts along with the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame collections
Olympic Plaza 801 Macleod Trail SE
51°02′45″N 114°03′31″W / 51.04583°N 114.05861°W / 51.04583; -114.05861 (Olympic Plaza)
Urban park Named for the 1988 Winter Olympics, site of open-air festivals
Olympic Plaza
Prince's Island Park 100 2 St SW
51°03′18″N 114°04′03″W / 51.05500°N 114.06750°W / 51.05500; -114.06750 (Prince's Island)
Urban park Hosts open-air festivals
Prince's Island Park
Stephen Avenue 8 Ave SW
51°02′44″N 114°03′56″W / 51.04556°N 114.06556°W / 51.04556; -114.06556 (Stephen Ave)
Street Heritage buildings
Stephen Avenue
Telus Convention Centre 120 9 Ave SE
51°02′43″N 114°03′39″W / 51.04528°N 114.06083°W / 51.04528; -114.06083 (Telus Convention Centre)
Convention centre
Telus Convention Centre
The Bow 124 7th Ave SE
51°02′52″N 114°03′44″W / 51.04778°N 114.06222°W / 51.04778; -114.06222 (The Bow)
Skyscraper Second-tallest building in Calgary
The Bow
Plus 15 Downtown Calgary Skyway Skywalk network


Address Type Remarks Image
Confederation Park 24 Ave & 14 St NW
51°04′36″N 114°05′04″W / 51.07667°N 114.08444°W / 51.07667; -114.08444 (Confederation Park)
Urban park Site of Lions Club Christmas Light Display
Confederation Park
Foothills Stadium 2825 24 Ave NW
51°4′24.37″N 114°7′14.29″W / 51.0734361°N 114.1206361°W / 51.0734361; -114.1206361 (Foothills Stadium)
Sports venue Baseball stadium
Foothills Stadium
Kensington Kensington Rd NW
51°03′09″N 114°05′41″W / 51.05250°N 114.09472°W / 51.05250; -114.09472 (Kensington)
Street Business Revitalisation Zone, shopping and restaurants, heritage buildings
Market Mall 3625 Shaganappi Trail NW
51°05′05″N 114°09′22″W / 51.08472°N 114.15611°W / 51.08472; -114.15611 (Market Mall)
Shopping mall One of the largest malls (by area) in Calgary
Market Mall
Parkdale Parkdale Boulevard
51°03′32″N 114°08′19″W / 51.05889°N 114.13861°W / 51.05889; -114.13861 (Parkdale)
Public art Parkdale Plaza
McMahon Stadium 1817 Crowchild Trail NW
51°4′13.18″N 114°7′17.00″W / 51.0703278°N 114.1213889°W / 51.0703278; -114.1213889 (McMahon Stadium)
Sports venue Canadian football stadium, home of the Calgary Stampeders (CFL)
McMahon Stadium
Baker Park 1817 Crowchild Trail NW
51°05′50″N 114°12′56″W / 51.09722°N 114.21556°W / 51.09722; -114.21556 (Baker Park)
Urban park Most popular Calgary park for outdoor wedding. River observation point.
Nose Hill Park 14 St, Shaganappi Trail, John Laurie Blvd NW
51°07′N 114°07′W / 51.117°N 114.117°W / 51.117; -114.117 (Nose Hill Park)
Urban park One of the largest municipal parks in Canada
Nose Hill Park
Olympic Oval 111 University Gate NW
51°04′37″N 114°08′08″W / 51.07694°N 114.13556°W / 51.07694; -114.13556 (Olympic Oval)
Sports venue Speed skating oval, home of the Calgary Inferno CWHL hockey team
Olympic Oval
Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium 1415 14 Ave NW
51°03′45″N 114°05′35″W / 51.06250°N 114.09306°W / 51.06250; -114.09306 (Jubilee Auditorium)
Music venue Performing arts, culture and community facility, home of Calgary Opera
Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
University of Calgary 2500 University Dr NW
51°04′39″N 114°07′59″W / 51.07750°N 114.13306°W / 51.07750; -114.13306 (U of C)
University Public university
University of Calgary


Address Type Remarks Image
Baitun Nur 4353 54 Avenue NE
51°06′06″N 113°58′19″W / 51.101743°N 113.972039°W / 51.101743; -113.972039 (Baitun Nur)
Mosque Largest mosque in Canada
Baitun Nur mosque
The Hangar Flight Museum 4629 McCall Way NE
51°05′39″N 114°00′47″W / 51.09417°N 114.01306°W / 51.09417; -114.01306 (Aerospace Museum)
Museum History of aviation and space technology of western Canada
Aero Space Museum of Calgary, October 2011.jpg
YYC Calgary International Airport 2000 Airport Rd NE
51°06′50″N 114°01′13″W / 51.11389°N 114.02028°W / 51.11389; -114.02028 (Calgary Airport)
Airport International airport, part of the National Airports System
Calgary International Airport
Calgary Zoo 1300 Zoo Rd NE
51°02′45″N 114°02′00″W / 51.04583°N 114.03333°W / 51.04583; -114.03333 (Calgary Zoo)
Zoo Second largest zoo in Canada
Calgary Zoo
Marlborough Mall 433 Marlborough Way NE
51°03′17″N 113°58′42″W / 51.05472°N 113.97833°W / 51.05472; -113.97833 (Marlborough Mall)
Shopping mall Opened in 1972
Marlborough Mall
Sunridge Mall 2525 36 St NE
51°04′28″N 113°59′09″W / 51.07444°N 113.98583°W / 51.07444; -113.98583 (Sunridge Mall)
Shopping mall Opened in 1981
Sunridge Mall
Telus Spark 220 St. George's Drive NE
51°02′52″N 114°05′19″W / 51.04778°N 114.08861°W / 51.04778; -114.08861 (Telus Spark)
Museum Interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, educational demonstrations
Telus World of Science


Address Type Remarks Image
Battalion Park Signal Hill Ctr SW
51°01′13″N 114°10′17″W / 51.02028°N 114.17139°W / 51.02028; -114.17139 (Battalion Park)
Urban park Formerly known as Camp Sarcee
Battalion Park
Canada Olympic Park 88 Canada Olympic Rd NW
51°04′47″N 114°11′57″W / 51.07972°N 114.19917°W / 51.07972; -114.19917 (Canada Olympic Park)
Ski resort 1988 Winter Olympics venue now used for Recreation and Athletic training
Canada Olympic Park
Canada's Sports Hall of Fame 169 Canada Olympic Road NW
51°04′57″N 114°13′16″W / 51.08250°N 114.22111°W / 51.08250; -114.22111 (Canada's Sports Hall of Fame)
Museum The main national hall of fame for sports in general
Hall of Fame
Chinook Centre 6455 Macleod Trail SW
50°59′54″N 114°04′26″W / 50.99833°N 114.07389°W / 50.99833; -114.07389 (Chinook Centre)
Shopping mall Opened in 1960
Chinook Centre
Edworthy Park Edworthy St SW
51°03′41″N 114°09′23″W / 51.06139°N 114.15639°W / 51.06139; -114.15639 (Edworthy Park)
Urban park Located along the Bow River
Edworthy Park
Fish Creek Park SW Calgary
50°55′40″N 114°07′42″W / 50.92778°N 114.12833°W / 50.92778; -114.12833 (Fish Creek)
Provincial park One of the largest urban parks in North America
Fish Creek Provincial Park
Glenmore Reservoir 14th St & Glenmore Trail SW
50°58′53″N 114°06′50″W / 50.98139°N 114.11389°W / 50.98139; -114.11389 (Glenmore Reservoir)
Lake Manmade reservoir on the Elbow River
Glenmore Reservoir
Heritage Park Heritage Dr & 14th St SW
50°59′07″N 114°06′30″W / 50.98528°N 114.10833°W / 50.98528; -114.10833 (Heritage Park)
Museum Historical Village
Heritage Park Historical Village
Marda Loop 33rd Avenue SW
51°01′26″N 114°06′47″W / 51.02389°N 114.11306°W / 51.02389; -114.11306 (Marda Loop)
Street Shopping, Business Revitalization Zone
Marda Loop
Spruce Meadows Highway 22X (Spruce Meadows Trail)
50°53′06″N 114°06′02″W / 50.88500°N 114.10056°W / 50.88500; -114.10056 (Spruce Meadows)
Venue Equestrian facility
Spruce Meadows
Repsol Sport Centre 2225 Macleod Trail SW
51°02′04″N 114°03′48″W / 51.03444°N 114.06333°W / 51.03444; -114.06333 (Talisman Centre)
Venue Multi-sports complex
Talisman Centre
The Military Museums 1820 - 24 Street SW
4520 Crowchild Trail SW
51°00′52″N 114°06′57″W / 51.01444°N 114.11583°W / 51.01444; -114.11583 (Military Museums)
Museum Comprises the Naval Museum of Alberta,the Air Force Museum of Alberta, Library and Archives
The Military Museums
17th Avenue 17 Ave SW
51°02′16″N 114°04′54″W / 51.03778°N 114.08167°W / 51.03778; -114.08167 (17th Avenue)
Street Shopping and entertainment, site of Red Mile
Red Mile


Address Type Remarks Image
Stampede Grounds 1410 Olympic Way SE
51°02′01″N 114°03′14″W / 51.03361°N 114.05389°W / 51.03361; -114.05389 (Stampede)
Venue Fair and Exhibition grounds
Calgary Stampede
Fish Creek Provincial Park South Calgary
50°54′12″N 114°01′11″W / 50.90333°N 114.01972°W / 50.90333; -114.01972 (Fish Creek Park)
Provincial park One of the largest urban parks in North America
Fish Creek Provincial Park
Inglewood 9 Ave SE
51°02′34″N 114°02′22″W / 51.04278°N 114.03944°W / 51.04278; -114.03944 (Inglewood)
Street Heritage buildings[1]
International Avenue 17 Ave SE (Highway 1A)
51°02′16″N 113°58′54″W / 51.03778°N 113.98167°W / 51.03778; -113.98167 (International Ave)
Street Business Revitalization Zone,[2] cultural diverse neighbourhood, site of GlobalFest
International Avenue
Max Bell Centre 1001 Barlow Trail SE
51°02′32″N 114°00′13″W / 51.04222°N 114.00361°W / 51.04222; -114.00361 (Max Bell Centre)
Sports venue Ice hockey arena
Max Bell Centre
Scotiabank Saddledome 555 Saddledome Rise SE
51°02′15″N 114°03′07″W / 51.03750°N 114.05194°W / 51.03750; -114.05194 (Saddledome)
Venue Ice hockey arena, home of the Calgary Flames (NHL), performing arts
Scotiabank Saddledome
Sikome Lake Bow Bottom Trail SE
50°53′58″N 114°00′56″W / 50.89944°N 114.01556°W / 50.89944; -114.01556 (Sikome Lake)
Lake Man-made lake, public beach
Sikome Lake
Southcentre Mall 100 Anderson Rd SE
50°56′30″N 114°04′05″W / 50.94167°N 114.06806°W / 50.94167; -114.06806 (Southcentre Mall)
Shopping mall Opened in 1974
Southcentre Mall
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