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List of tallest buildings in Denmark

This is a list of tallest buildings in Denmark. All buildings over 75 m (246 ft) are listed.

Completed buildings

Rank Name Year Height Location Notes Image
1 Herlev Hospital 1976 120 m (394 ft) Herlev Denmark's tallest building, 8th tallest modern hospital in the world. Kas-herlev-2004.jpg
2 Christiansborg Palace 1928 106 m (348 ft) Copenhagen Home to the Danish parliament, Prime Minister's Office and the Supreme Court. Christiansborg Slot Copenhagen 2014 01.jpg
3 Copenhagen City Hall 1905 105.6 m (346 ft) Copenhagen City hall Copenhagen City Hall.jpg
4 Domus Vista 1969 102 m (335 ft) Frederiksberg Tallest residential building in Denmark. Domus vista 3.jpg
5 Bohrs Tower 2016 100 m (328 ft) Copenhagen 22 upper floors: Residential. Lower floors: Part of UCC Campus Carlsberg Bohrs Tårn (Copenhagen) 01.jpg
6 Aarhus Cathedral 1300; 719 years ago (1300) 96 m (315 ft) Aarhus Cathedral in Aarhus. Tallest building in the city. Tallest church in Denmark. Aarhus domkirke tower.jpg
7 St. Nicolas' Church 1591/1912 94 m (308 ft) Copenhagen Former church now used as exhibition building. Skt Nicolai Kirke (København).jpg
7 Aarhus City Tower 2010 94 m (308 ft) Aarhus Modernist-style building containing a hotel, offices and the owners apartment on the two top floors. Comwell 3.jpg
9 Church of Our Saviour 1752; 267 years ago (1752) 91 m (299 ft) Copenhagen Used since its erection as a parish church. Vor Frelsers Kirke Copenhagen 2.jpg
10 Church of the Holy Ghost 1409; 610 years ago (1409) 91 m (299 ft) Copenhagen Parish church. Helligaandskirken Copenhagen tower1.jpg
11 Carlsberg Group Headquarters 1962/1997 88 m (289 ft) Copenhagen Tallest building in Copenhagen Municipality. Originally built as a silo, then later converted into offices. International headquarters of Carlsberg Group. Carlsberg Elephant Gate.jpg
12 Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel 1973 86 m (282 ft) Copenhagen The tallest modern hotel in Denmark. Kbh Radisson SAS 02.jpg
13 Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers 2009 85 m (279 ft) Copenhagen When completed contained the largest solar PV system in Scandinavia. Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers seen from southwest.JPG
13 Copenhagen Towers - North Tower 2015 85 m (279 ft) Copenhagen When completed contained the largest solar PV system in Scandinavia. Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers 01.jpg
15 Frederik's Church 1894 80 m (262 ft) Copenhagen Construction started in the mid-18th century as part of Frederiksstaden but not completed until 1894 to a modified design Marmorkirken, Copenhagen (by Pudelek).JPG
15 Ferring International Center 2002 80 m (262 ft) Copenhagen International headquarters of Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ferring hoejhus Oerestad City.jpg
17 St. Peter's Church 1757; 262 years ago (1757) 78 m (256 ft) Copenhagen Church for German congregation Copenhagen - St. Peter's Church - 2013.jpg
18 AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen Tower 1 2011 76.5 m (251 ft) Copenhagen One of two towers with an inclination of 15° in opposite directions. This means that each tower leans 20 metres from the base to the top. Bella Sky Comwell Copenhagen.JPG
18 AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen Tower 2 2011 76.5 m (251 ft) Copenhagen A sky bridge connects this tower to Tower 1 at the top floor. Bella Sky Hotel - Copenhagen.jpg
20 Rigshospitalet 1970 75 m (246 ft) Copenhagen A helipad along with an extended lift tower were established on top of the main building in 2007, hereby increasing the total height of the building by 5 metres. Rigshospitalet.jpg
21 Ceres Panorama 1970 75 m (246 ft) Aarhus Residential building in the CeresByen neighborhood Ceres Panorama.jpg
20 Maersk Tower 2017[1] 75 m (246 ft)[1] Copenhagen Mærsk Bygningen.jpg

Buildings proposed or under construction

Name Year Height Location Notes
Uptown Nørrebro 2019 100 m (328 ft) Copenhagen 30 floors; under construction in the Nørrebro district.
AU Arts and Business Building 2018 80 m (262 ft) Aarhus Building for the arts department of Aarhus University[2]
Byporten 2018 75 m (246 ft) Aarhus Residential building in the Tilst suburb[3]
Frederiks Plads (Tower F) 2017 81 m (266 ft) Aarhus Residential building in Indre By[4]
Dahlerups Tårn 2021 80 m (262 ft) Copenhagen 23 floors; under construction in the Carlsberg district.


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