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List of submarines of France

Le Téméraire
Le Saphir

French Submarines (French: Sous-Marins Français) include nuclear attack submarines (French: Sous-Marin Nucléaire d'Attaque) and ballistic missile submarines (French: Sous-Marin Nucléaire Lanceur d'Engins) of various classes, operated by the French Navy (French: La Marine Nationale) or operationally built in France.

Since creation, all French submarines were dependent of La Marine Nationale and are a dependent of the French Submarine Forces (French: Forces Sous-Marines Françaises) of France.

French submarines have for military orders, awards and decorations, their respective fanions.

In service

French Navy

French Navy
(Marine Nationale)
Naval Ensign of France
Motto: Honneur, Patrie, Valeur, Discipline
(“Honour, Homeland, Valour, Discipline”)
Naval Ministers
Maritime Prefect
Naval Action Force
Submarine Forces
Naval Aviation
FORFUSCO (Marine Commandos, Naval Fusiliers)
Maritime Gendarmerie
Current fleet
Current deployments
Ranks in the French Navy
History of the French Navy
Future of the French Navy
Ensigns and pennants
Historic ships
Historic fleets
Cross of War
Military Medal
Legion of Honour

Retired from service

1863 to 1903

1904 to 1919

1919 to 1944

Le Surcouf in 1935.

1944 to 1971

1971 to 2008

Le Redoutable

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