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List of rivers of Algeria

This is a list of rivers in Algeria. This list is arranged west to east by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name.

Atlantic Ocean

Mediterranean Sea


Sebkhet el Melah

Chott Ech Chergui

  • Oued el Korima

Chott el Hodna

  • Oued Leham

Chott Melrhir

  • Oued Djedi
  • Oued Zeribet
    • Oued el Arab
  • Oued el Mitta
  • Oued Ittel
  • Oued el Kherouf

Sebkhet Safioune

  • Oued Zegrir
  • Oued Mya

Sebkha Mekerrhane

  • Oued Tsaret
  • Asouf Mellene
  • Oued Tasendjanet


  • Oued Igharghar
  • Oued Tafassasset
  • Oued Ti-n-Tarabine
  • Oued Igharghar
  • Oued Zazir
  • Oued Ti-n-Amzi
  • Oued Tamanrasset

Grand Erg Occidental

  • Oued Namous