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List of public art in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

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This is a list of public art in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.


See the list of public art in Belgravia.


Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Material Designation Notes
Newman Monument 2.jpg
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Statue of Cardinal John Henry Newman Brompton Oratory 1895 Léon-Joseph Chavalliaud Statue under canopy Campanella marble and Portland stone Grade II-listed Unveiled 15 June 1896. Architects: G. F. Bodley and Thomas Garner.[1]


Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Material Designation Notes
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Charles II Royal Hospital, Figure Court

51°29′14″N 0°09′28″W / 51.4871°N 0.1577°W / 51.4871; -0.1577 (Charles II)
1676 Grinling Gibbons Statue Gilt bronze Grade I-listed Commissioned by the royal servant Tobias Rustat, presented to the King in 1682 and installed in the Royal Hospital in 1692. Gilding removed 1782 and restored 2002.[2]
Dovehouse Green, Dovehouse Street SW3.jpg Millar Obelisk King's Road, Dovehouse Green 1751
Obeliskoid war memorial, Royal Hospital Chelsea (geograph 5147837).jpg Chillianwallah Memorial Royal Hospital, South Grounds 1853 Charles Robert Cockerell Obelisk Grade II-listed [4]
Memorial To Sir Herbert Stewart-Detail.jpg Sir Herbert Stewart Memorial Fountain Hans Place late 19th century Joseph Whitehead and Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm (medallion) Drinking fountain with relief sculpture
Erected by the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association. Stewart lived nearby at 40 Cadogan Place.[5]
Sloane Square War Memorial in Winter.jpg
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Chelsea War Memorial Sloane Square

51°29′33″N 0°09′25″W / 51.4926°N 0.1570°W / 51.4926; -0.1570 (Chelsea War Memorial)
1920 Reginald Blomfield Cross Grade II-listed Unveiled 24 October 1920. Follows Blomfield’s Cross of Sacrifice design.[6]
Wellington Square, Chelsea, London - - 3722.jpg Fountain Wellington Square 1926
Fountain with sculpture
Statue in Sloane Square - - 465686.jpg
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Venus Fountain Sloane Square 1953 Gilbert Ledward Fountain with sculpture Bronze Grade II-listed Unveiled 26 October 1953. Architect: Sir Charles Maufe.[8]
Girl with Doves, Cadogan Square, Chelsea.jpg Girl with Doves Cadogan Square 1970 David Wynne Statue Bronze
The Dancers, Cadogan Square, Chelsea.jpg The Dancers Cadogan Square 1971 David Wynne Sculptural group Bronze
Dancer with Bird Cadogan Square 1974 David Wynne Statue Bronze
Young Girl Sloane Gardens 1980 Karin Jonzen Statue Bronze
Royal Hospital Chelsea, the North Front - - 465759.jpg The In-Pensioner Royal Hospital, North Front 2000 Philip Jackson Statue Bronze
Unveiled 4 May 2000.[11]
Thinking girl, Duke of York Square SW1.jpg My Children Duke of York Square 2002 Allister Bowtell (sculptures), Richard Kindersley (pedestal) Sculptures Bronze
The two sculptures represent children from the Royal Military Asylum formerly in the square.[12]
Belgravia, London, UK - panoramio (4).jpg
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Sir Hans Sloane Duke of York Square 2005 Simon Smith after John Michael Rysbrack Statue
Chelsea Arts Club - dazzle.jpg Chelsea Arts Club frontages 143 Old Church Street, London, SW3 6EB

51°29′17″N 0°10′29″W / 51.48806°N 0.17472°W / 51.48806; -0.17472
various various Murals
Nell Gwyn Nell Gwyn House, Sloane Avenue Architectural sculpture
The Pheasantry-152 Kings Road.JPG Two women, a warrior over a chariot and horses, two eagles and two caryatids The Pheasantry, King's Road 1881 Amédée Joubert Architectural sculptures Grade II-listed [18]
Friese Greene 1.JPG William Friese Greene King's Road, outside No. 208 Architectural sculpture (relief)
Holy Trinity Sloane Street Church, London 04.jpg Christ, the Apostles, bishop, king and an angel with the Shield of the Trinity Over entrance to Holy Trinity, Sloane Street 1890 John Dando Sedding Architectural sculpture (relief) Grade I-listed

Chelsea Embankment

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Material Designation Notes
Drinking fountain chelsea embankment 1.jpg Memorial to George Sparks Chelsea Embankment, outside Chelsea Old Church 1880 Charles Barry, Jr. Drinking fountain [20]
Statue Of Thomas Carlyle-Chelsea.JPG
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Thomas Carlyle Chelsea Embankment Gardens, west of Oakley Street

51°29′00″N 0°10′09″W / 51.4832°N 0.1691°W / 51.4832; -0.1691 (Thomas Carlyle)
1882 Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm Statue Bronze statue on red granite pedestal Grade II-listed [21]
Drinking fountain commemorating Dante Gabriel Rossetti in Chelsea Embankment Gardens (cropped).jpg
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Memorial to Dante Gabriel Rossetti Chelsea Embankment Gardens, outside 16 Cheyne Walk (Rossetti's house)

51°29′01″N 0°09′57″W / 51.4837°N 0.1658°W / 51.4837; -0.1658 (Dante Gabriel Rossetti Memorial)
1887 Ford Madox Brown Drinking fountain with bust Grey granite and bronze Grade II-listed Unveiled 14 July 1887 by William Holman Hunt. Architect: John Pollard Seddon, in whose cottage in Bridlington Rossetti died in 1882.[22]
Carabiniers Boer War Memorial-Chelsea.JPG
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Carabiniers Boer War Memorial Built into the railings of Ranelagh Gardens, opposite Chelsea Bridge 1905 Adrian Jones Screen with relief panels Red brick, Portland stone and bronze [23]
Chelsea, Ropers Garden. Awakening by Gilbert Ledward.jpg Awakening Roper’s Gardens 1915 Gilbert Ledward Statue Bronze Installed on this site in 1965.[24]
Francis Derwent Wood, Atalanta Preparing for the Race, front 2, Chelsea Embankment at Albert Bridge, London (3381529189).jpg
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Atalanta Near Albert Bridge 1929 Francis Derwent Wood Statue Bronze Grade II Based on a plaster sculpture of 1907 and marble of 1909; bronze installed on this site in 1929.[25]
Epstein relief, Ropers Garden, Chelsea.jpg Untitled bas relief Roper’s Gardens 1950 Sir Jacob Epstein Bas relief Portland stone Unveiled 3 June 1972.[26]
Chelsea thomas more statue 1.jpg Sir Thomas More Outside Chelsea Old Church, Cheyne Walk 1968 Leslie Cubitt Bevis Statue Unveiled 21 July 1969.[27]
Boy David by Edward Bainbridge Copnall, Chelsea Embankment, Cheyne Walk (1).jpg
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The Boy David Chelsea Embankment Gardens, east of Oakley Street 1971 Edward Bainbridge Copnall after Francis Derwent Wood Statuette on column Fibreglass statuette on a pink granite column Unveiled 8 May 1971. Previously Wood's half-size model of the figure for his Machine Gun Corps Memorial stood here; this was stolen in 1969.[28]
David Wynne - Boy on a Dolphin right, detail of figures, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea Embankment, London (3382105841).jpg
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Boy with a Dolphin Cheyne Walk, corner of Oakley Street 1974 David Wynne Sculptural group Bronze Unveiled 13 October 1975.[29]
Statue of Hans Sloane, Chelsea Physic Garden.jpg Sir Hans Sloane Chelsea Physic Garden 1983 After John Michael Rysbrack Statue Replica of Rysbrack’s original of 1733, installed here in 1737 and moved to the British Museum in 1983.[30]
Chelsea Embankment, statue of Whistler.jpg James Abbott McNeill Whistler Whistler's Reach, near Battersea Bridge 2003 Nicholas Dimbleby Statue Bronze Unveiled 15 September 2005.[31]
Bust of Ralph Vaughan Williams in Chelsea Embankment Gardens (cropped).jpg
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Bust of Ralph Vaughan Williams Chelsea Embankment Gardens 2012 Marcus Cornish Bust Unveiled 5 September 2012.[32]


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Ladbroke Grove

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Site of the Ladbroke Grove rail crash - - 677278.jpg Memorial to the Ladbroke Grove rail crash Canal Way 2001 Richard Healy Stele N/A [33]


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