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List of political parties in Finland

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This article lists the political parties in Finland.

Finland has a strong multi-party system with coalition governments usually formed by the largest party. Parties which are not in the national government are called the opposition. Parties work in parliamentary groups (eduskuntaryhmä) in parliament, usually voting with party discipline, which is however not absolute.

Parties are composed of local chapters based in municipalities. In municipalities, which are fundamental administrative units of the country, parties hold seats in the municipal council, but often have to compete for them with local non-party groups. Unlike in the national government, where there is a government and an opposition, municipal boards are selected proportionally.

The party system has been rather stable since the establishment of the Parliament in 1906 and Finnish independence in 1917, as parties founded then or their breakoff factions have consistently held the overwhelming majority in the parliament. The establishment of the Green League is an exception.

Registered parties

According to Finnish law, a political association that fulfills certain conditions is eligible to become an officially registered party.[citation needed] A registered party may nominate candidates in all national and local elections, and a party that is represented in parliament is entitled to a government subsidy relative to its number of seats. To qualify as a registered party, an association must have bylaws guaranteeing democratic internal organization and must be able to present 5,000 signatures from supporters who are eligible to vote. A party that fails to win a single seat in two consecutive parliamentary elections is stricken from the register but may apply again. (In contrast, a voluntary association has a requirement of 20,000 supporters and is not eligible for party subsidy.)

Parliamentary parties

Name Ideology MPs MEPs Leader Founded Ref
Centre Party
KESK Centrism
Liberal Conservatism
Nordic agrarianism
49 3 Juha Sipilä 1906 [1][2][3]
National Coalition Party
KOK Liberalism
Liberal conservatism
38 3 Petteri Orpo 1918 [1][2][3]
Social Democratic Party
Sosialidemokraattinen puolue
Socialdemokratiska parti
SDP Social democracy 35 2 Antti Rinne 1899 [1][2][3]
Blue Reform
Sininen tulevaisuus
Blå framtid
SIN Conservatism
Soft Euroscepticism
19 0 Sampo Terho 2017 [1][2][3]
Finns Party
PS Finnish nationalism
Right-wing populism
17 2 Jussi Halla-aho 1995 [1][2][3]
Green League
Vihreä liitto
Gröna förbundet
VIHR Green politics
Social liberalism
15 1 Pekka Haavisto 1987 [1][2][3]
Left Alliance
VAS Democratic socialism
12 1 Li Andersson 1990 [1][2][3]
Swedish People's Party
Svenska folkpartiet
Ruotsalainen kansanpuolue
RKP Social liberalism
Swedo-Finnish interests
10 1 Anna-Maja Henriksson 1906 [1][2][3]
Christian Democrats
KD Christian democracy
Social conservatism
5 0 Sari Essayah 1958 [1][2][3]
Seven Star Movement
Seitsemän tähden liike
Sju stjärnors rörelsen
TL Political independence
1 0 Paavo Väyrynen 2018 [4][5][6]

Extra-parliamentary parties

Those parties that have received neither a seat in the Parliament of Finland nor in the European Parliament, but which are registered political parties, are listed below.

Name Ideology Leader Founded Ref
Animal Justice Party
EOP Animal rights Saana-Maria Majatie 2016 [1][2][3]
Citizens' Party
KP Centrism
Sami Kilpeläinen 2016 [1][2][3]
Communist Party
Kommunistinen Puolue
Kommunistiska Parti
SKP Communism Juha-Pekka Väisänen 1994 [1][2][3]
Communist Workers' Party
Kommunistinen Työväenpuolue
Kommunistiska Arbetarpartiet
KTP Communism
Hannu Harju 1988 [1][2][3]
Feminist Party
Feministinen puolue
Feministiska partiet
FP Feminism Katju Aro
Warda Ahmed
Katriina Rosavaara
2016 [1][2][3]
Independence Party
IPU Euroscepticism
Economic democracy
Henri Aitakari 1994 [1][2][3]
Liberal Party
LIB Classical liberalism Juhani Kähärä 2016 [1][2][3]
Pirate Party
PP Pirate politics
Social liberalism
Petrus Pennanen 2008 [1][2][3]
Finnish People First
Suomen Kansa Ensin
Finlands Folk Först
SKE Nationalism Marco de Wit [fi] 2018 [7][8]

Unregistered parties

Name Ideology Leader Founded Ref
Change 2011
Muutos 2011
Förändring 2011
M11 Direct democracy Anita Saarinen 2009 [3][9][10]
Workers' Party of Finland
Suomen Työväenpuolue
Finlands Arbetarparti
STP Nordic model Juhani Tanski 2003 [3][11]
Liike Nyt
Rörelse nu
liik Market liberalism Harry Harkimo 2018 [12][13][14][15]

Historical political parties

Parties in parliament

Parties outside parliament

Election campaign stations for the Pirate Party and Independence Party, Narinkka, Helsinki.
  • Swedish party (Ruotsalainen puolue) 1870–1906
  • Liberal party (Liberaalinen puolue) 1880–1885
  • Finnish Active Resistance Party (Suomen aktiivinen vastustuspuolue) 1904–1908
  • National Workers' Party (Kansallinen Työväenpuolue) 1917–?
  • Socialist Party of Work (Sosialistinen Työpuolue) 1917–1919
  • Peasant People's Party (Talonpoikaiskansan puolue) 1924–1933
  • Farmers' Party (Maanviljelijäin Puolue) 1927–1929
  • United Front (Yhteisrintama) 193?–1940
  • New Finnish Party (Uusi Suomalainen Puolue) 1932–1945
  • Finnish Socialist Party (Suomalaissosialistinen Puolue) 1932–1937
  • Patriotic People's Party (Isänmaallinen Kansanpuolue) 1932–1933
  • Finnish People's Organisation (Suomen Kansan Järjestö) 1933–1936
  • Finnish Socialist Workers' Party (Suomalaissosialistinen Työväen Puolue) 1934–1944
  • Work Front of Finland (Suomen Työrintama) 1936–1939
  • Party of Finnish National Work (Suomalais-Kansallisen Työn Puolue) 1939–?
  • National Socialist People's Party of Finland (Suomen Kansallissosialistinen Työväenpuolue) 1940–1943
  • Neo-Socialist Party (Uus-sosialistinen puolue) 1940–1945
  • Organisation of National Socialists (Kansallissosialistien Järjestö) 1940–1944
  • National Socialists of Finland (Suomen Kansallissosialistit) 1941–1944
  • Radical People's Party (Radikaalinen Kansanpuolue) 1944–1951
  • Independent Middle Class (Itsenäinen keskiluokka) 1949–1951
  • Finnish People's Party (Suomalainen kansanpuolue) 1950s
  • Independence Party (Itsenäisyyspuolue) 1960s
  • Party Organisation of Finnish Entrepreneurs (Suomen Yksityisyrittäjäin Puoluejärjestö) 1972–1979
  • Socialist Workers' Party (Sosialistinen Työväenpuolue) 1973–1990
  • Pensioners' Party of Finland (Suomen Eläkeläisten Puolue) 1985–1999
  • Joint Responsibility Party (Yhteisvastuu puolue) 1987–2007
  • Senior Citizens' Party of Finland (Suomen Senioripuolue), 1990–2014
  • Women's Party (Naisten puolue) 1990–1995
  • Party of Humanity (Ihmisyydenpuolue) 1991–1995
  • Finnish People's Blue-whites (Suomen Kansan Sinivalkoiset, SKS) 1993–2010
  • Patriotic People's Movement (Isänmaallinen kansanliike), 1993–2010
  • Natural Law Party (Luonnonlain puolue) 1994–2001
  • Forces for Change in Finland (Muutosvoimat Suomi) 2002–2007
  • For the Poor (Köyhien Asialla) 2002–2015
  • Blue and White Front (Sinivalkoinen Rintama) 2009–2015

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