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List of organisations associated with the Labour Party (UK)

This is a list of organisations that are associated with the Labour Party. Some are official party organisations, some (like the Co-operative Party) are independent organisations, and others are organisations made up of party members which are not officially recognised by the party. Socialist societies and affiliated trade unions are affiliated independent organisations, with voting and representational rights within the Labour Party.

Partner organisations


Thinks tanks and lobby groups

  • Blue Labour - founded 2010, pressure group that advocates the idea that working-class voters will be won back to Labour through socially conservative ideas on specific social and international issues
  • Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) - founded 1973, group of Labour activists campaigning for changes to the constitution of the Labour Party to ensure that Labour MPs and Labour governments enacted policies agreeable to the party membership
  • Campaign for Socialism - pressure group of Scottish Labour Party members and supporters
  • Campaign for Democratic Socialism (CDS) - 1960-1964, pressure group representing the right wing of the party of members who supported the then-party Labour leader, Hugh Gaitskell
  • Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) - founded 1988, centre-left group representing members of the Labour membership from the centre to the left
  • Clause Four Group - 1970s-1991, a group student politics set up to oppose Militant
  • Compass - founded 2003, think tank direction for the democratic left[1]
  • Fabian Society - founded 1884, think tank advancing the principles of democratic socialism via gradualist and reformist effort in democracies
  • Independent Labour Publications (ILP) - founded 1975, pressure group which rejects contemporary capitalism and the command economy but accepts the idea of a market economy as part of democratic socialist thinking
  • Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) - founded 1988, think tank which theoretical analysis for modernisers in the UK Labour Party; offering alternatives to free market fundamentalism
  • Institute for Workers' Control - founded in 1968, shop stewards and militant workers who discussed workers' control of production
  • Labour Co-ordinating Committee (LCC) - 1978–1998, group established to challenge the leadership of the party from the left to the vanguard of Tony Blair's drive to modernise the party's organisation and policies
  • Labour First - founded 1988, pressure group representing non-Blairite traditional right who self-describe as moderates[1]
  • Labour for a Green New Deal - founded March 2019, a grassroots campaign to push the party to adopt a radical Green New Deal to transform the UK economy, tackle inequality and address the escalating climate crisis.[2]
  • Labour for a Republic - founded 2012, pressure group advocating the abolition of the monarchy in favour of an elected head of state and democratic republic
  • Labour for Independence - founded 2012, organisation for Scottish Labour supporters who believe Scottish independence will lead to a fairer society
  • Labour Future - non-sectarian Labour supporters group with a focus on delivering a Labour government as soon as possible
  • Labour Left Briefing, monthly political magazine produced by members of the British Labour Party
  • Labour Representation Committee (LRC) - founded 2004, pressure group fighting for power within the Labour Party and trade unions and to appeal to the electorate disillusioned and despaired by New Labour
  • Labour Together - network for activists from all traditions of the Labour movement to explore new ideas and thinking on the future of the left
  • Labour Vision
  • Momentum - founded 2015, pressure group supportive of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party
  • Militant - 1964–1991, Trotskyist group
  • Open Labour - founded 2015, a forum aimed at renewing Labour's soft left
  • Progress - founded 1996, pressure group standard-bearer for New Labour[1]
  • Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory (SCLV) - founded 1978, refounded 2015 to campaign for a Labour government with clear working-class demands, to boost working-class confidence, and strengthen and transform the labour movement
  • Socialist Campaign Group - founded 1982, left-wing, democratic socialist grouping of Labour MPs
  • Welsh Labour Grassroots - Momentum in Wales

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