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List of governors of dependent territories in the 15th century

Territorial governors in the 16th centuryColonial and territorial governors by year

This is a list of territorial governors in the 15th century (1401–1500) AD, such as the administrators of colonies, protectorates, or other dependencies. Where applicable, native rulers are also listed.

A dependent territory is normally a territory that does not possess full political independence or sovereignty as a sovereign state yet remains politically outside of the controlling state's integral area.[1] The administrators of uninhabited territories are excluded.


Kingdom of England
English overseas possessions
  • Gervais de Clermont,[3] Bailiff (1387–1411)
  • James Cocquerel,[3] Bailiff (1412–1432)
  • Thomas de la Court, Bailiff (1433–1445)
  • John Henry,[3] Bailiff (1446–1447)
  • Guillaume Cartier,[3] Bailiff (1447–1465)
  • Thomas de la Court,[3] Bailiff (1466–1469)
  • Pierre de Beauvoir,[3] Bailiff (1470–1479)
  • Edmund de Cheney, Bailiff (1480–1481)
  • Nicholas Fouaschin,[3] Bailiff (1481–1482)
  • John Blondel,[3] Bailiff (1483–1498)
  • John Martin,[3] Bailiff (1499–1510)


Kingdom of Portugal
Portuguese colonial empire
  • Antonio de Noli, Captain (1462–1496)
  • Branca de Aguiar, Captain (1497–?)
  • João de Paiva, Captain (1485–1490)
  • João Pereira, Captain (1490–1493)
  • Álvaro de Caminha, Captain (1493–1499)
  • Fernão de Melo, Captain (1499–c.1510)
  • Rodrigo Afonso de Melo, Governor (1471–1484?)
  • Manuel de Melo, Governor (1484?–1486)
  • João de Meneses, Governor (1486–1489)
  • Fernão Martins Mascarenhas, Interim Governor (1487–1489)
  • Manuel Pessanha, Interim Governor (1489–1490)
  • Lopo Vaz de Azevedo, Governor (1490?–1501)


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