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List of educational institutions in Multan

This is a list of educational institutions located in the district of Multan in Pakistan.


Private Institutes & Schools

0. Multan Excel Schools ( Boys and Girls) New Multan, Multan.

1−AL-Falah misali high school (boys and girls) budhla sant multan

2- Cambridge International School System Mumtazabad Multan

3- Roshan International School, 23-V block, New Multan. 4- Allied school

5- Jinnah Highs School System, Multan

6- INEX School of Fashion Design & Professional study Gulgasht Colony Multan

7- The Educators School Shah Rukn-e-Alam & Mumtazabad Campuses

8- Sony technical Institute, Institute of technical, Safety education and languages Multan]

9-Zavia School System, Near Goal Bagh Gulgasht Colony, Multan

10- Grew Bent System (GBS), Multan

11- British International Schools System

12 Heaven Flower Public School New multan, Hassan abad

12- Britain International Schools System

13- Noukhez Group of Schools, Multan.

14- Learner's Castle School Multan

15- Zamir Public School, Multan

16-Shah war group of schools.

17-The Multan Alma (High School), 7-km Khanewal Road, Multan

18-Govt Higher Secondary School Ghazipur, Jalalpur Pirwala, Multan

19- PakTurk International Schools and Colleges, Multan Campus.

20- Lahore Grammar School

21- Lahore Grammar School for Boys, Multan.

22-Laureate Boys Higher Secondary School, Ansar Colony, Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Multan

23- Laureate Group of Schools and Colleges|Laureates Cadet School, Multan

24- La Salle High School Multan|La Salle Higher Secondary School, Multan

25-Multan Public School and College, Multan

26- The Public School, Multan

27- The Convent School Systems Fareed Canal View, Qasim pur Colony Multan

28- Beaconhouse School System

29-Multan Cambridge School Qasim Bela Multan

30- Evergreen Model High School Chowk Kutchery Multan

31- Bloomfield Hall Schools, ranked as the one which gives prime importance to co-curricular activities and studies are only something secondary)


33- The Country School System

34- Zavia School System, Multan

35- Zenabia Campus.

36- Zenabia Foundation

37- Zenabia Public

38- Zenabia Juniors

39- Nishat High School For Boys Lodhi Colony/Pir Khursheed colony.

40- Khair ul Maarif School, Boson Road.

41- Bilson public School.

42- Peace International School

43- Educator Gulgasht Colony Multan

44- Pakistan Vocational Training Centre Multan.

45- IQBAL ENGLISH MODEL SCHOOL KOT RAB NAWAZ VEHARI ROAD MULTAN 46- The Smart School, Multan 47-PakChina Educational Linguistics Corridor, AlNoor Plaza T Chowk Shah Ruckn-E-Alam Colony,Multan,Pakistan

Schools for Girls

  • Zavia School System For Girls, Near Goal Bagh Gulgasht Colony, Multan
  • Lahore Grammar School for Girls, Multan
  • Al-Hassan K.G. & Girls High School, Khuni Burj, Multan
  • Leads Grammar School, Babar Road, Kirri Jamndan, Multan
  • Laureate Girls Higher Secondary School, 51/F Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Multan
  • Al-Mushir Girls High School Chowk Shah Abbas Multan.
  • Heaven Flower Public School (New Multan Street no. 21 Ho
  • Al Noor Group Of School Multan Chungi # 14
  • ALI COMPUTER Institute In Multan Pakistan


Private colleges

  • Multan Public School and College.
  • city science college and acedmy.
  • Nishat College of Science.
  • Britain International College Network, Multan.
  • KIPS college Multan.
  • Concordia Colleges, Multan
  • Punjab College Multan.
  • STAK College Shah Rukn e Alam colony Multan,
  • Rise College Multan.
  • Superior College Multan.
  • Supreme Law College, Multan.
  • Leadership College Multan.
  • Muslim College of Science and Commerce
  • Pakistan College of Science and Commerce
  • The Global College, 11/G Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, Multan. 03037972552


  • Govt. High School, Lar Janubi
  • Govt. High School, Sahu
  • Govt. High School, Sikanderabad
  • Govt. High School, Jalal Abad Shumali
  • Govt. High School, Bohar
  • Govt. High School, Feroze Pur
  • Govt. High School, Rid
  • Govt. High School, 8/MR
  • Ibn-e-Qasim High School
  • Govt. High School, 7/T
  • Govt. High School, Chak No.1/MR
  • Govt. High School, Sanbhal
  • Govt. High School, Chak 4 Faiz
  • Govt. High School, 2 Kot Mela Ram
  • Govt. High School, Lutafabad
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Sameeja Abad
  • Govt. High School, Kot Gujran
  • Govt. High School, Shujabad
  • Govt. Girls High School, No.2 Shamsabad
  • Govt. High School, Mardanpur
  • Govt. High School, Basti Nau
  • Govt. High School, Bhaini
  • Govt. High School, Qadir Pur Lar
  • Govt. Secondary School For Special Education for Boys (Hearing Impaired)
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Lar
  • Govt. High School, Gulzarpur
  • Govt. High School, Lother
  • Govt. High School, Aliwala
  • Govt. High School, Hamid Pur Kanora
  • Govt. High School, Khan Pur Marral
  • Govt. High School, Kotli Nijabat
  • Govt. High School, Tatepur
  • Govt. High School Kirarwala
  • Govt. High School, Sher Shah
  • Govt. High School, Basti Mithu Shujabad
  • Govt. High School, Rangeel Pur
  • Govt. High School, Jhoke Lashkar Pur
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kot Mela Ram
  • Govt. High School, Mattital
  • Bilson Public School
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Jalalpur Pirwala
  • Govt. High School, Ghazi Pur
  • Govt. High School, Jalalpur Khakhi
  • Govt. High School, Kotla Maharan
  • Govt. High School, Mullan Faqir
  • La Salle Higher Secondary School
  • Govt. High School, Ganwen Shujabad
  • Govt. High School, Saray
  • Govt. High School, 18/MR
  • Govt. High School, Toder Pur Shujabad
  • Beaconhouse Public School, Boys Branch
  • Govt. High School, Basti Jaleel
  • Govt. High School, Basti Malook
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Bahadar Pur
  • Govt. High School, 69/M
  • Govt. High School, Bumb Jalalpur Pirwala
  • The Public School
  • Govt. High School, Chak Jhallar Shujabad
  • Govt. High School, Chak R.S Shujabad
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Raja Ram, Teh. Shujabad
  • Govt. High School, Juggowala
  • Govt. High School, Punjani Shujabad
  • Govt. High School, Bagrain Shujabad
  • Govt. High School, Khan Bela, Jalalpur Pirwala
  • Govt. High School, Vaince Shujabad
  • Govt. High School, Hayat Khan Wala
  • Govt. High School, Talkot Shujabad
  • Govt. High School, Traggarh
  • Govt. High School, Kotla Chakar
  • Govt. High School, Pounta Teh. Shujabad
  • Govt. High School, Inayat Pur Jalalpur Pirwala
  • Govt. High School, Havaili Lang
  • Govt. High School, Khuja Shujabad
  • Govt. High School, Allah Abad
  • Govt. High School, Obawara Shumali
  • Govt. High School, Jahan Pur
  • Govt. Girls High School Kotli Nijabat
  • Raza Shah Public School
  • Govt. Girls High School, Military Form
  • Govt. Girls High School, Sher Shah
  • Govt. Girls High School, Qadir Pur Ran
  • Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Tate Pur
  • Govt. Girls High School, Chak 5-Faiz
  • Govt. Girls High School, Ayazabad Maral
  • Sultan Foundation Girls High School, Mumtazabad
  • Govt. Girls High School, Jalalpur Pirwala
  • Govt. Girls High School, Basti Nau
  • Govt. Girls High School, Matotali
  • Govt. Girls High School, Zarif Shaheed
  • Govt. Girls High School, Sikandarabad
  • Govt. Girls High School, Suraj Miani
  • Govt. Girls High School, Kabooter Mandi
  • Govt. Girls High School, Loother
  • Pakistan Public Girls High School
  • Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Shujabad
  • Govt. Noor Jehan Girls High School, Ismailabad
  • Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Chah Bohar Wala
  • Govt. Girls High School, Haram Gate
  • Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Piran Ghaib
  • Govt. Islamia Girls High School, Daulat Gate
  • Govt. Model Muslim Girls High School
  • Govt. Girls Comprehensive Higher Secondary School, Gulgasht
  • Govt. Iqbal Girls High School, Hussain Agahi
  • Govt. Girls High School, District Jail Road
  • Sacred Heart Girls High School, Multan Cantt
  • Govt. Girls High School, Willayatabad No.2
  • Govt. Girls High School, Moon Light, New Multan
  • Govt. Girls High School, New Central Jail
  • Ali Garh Model Girls High School, Gulgasht
  • Mustafa Shah Islamia Girls High School
  • Govt. Girls High School, Budhla Sant
  • Govt. Girls High School, Makhdum Rashid
  • Govt. Girls High School, Lar
  • Govt. Girls Nusrat-Ul-Islam High School, Multan Cantt
  • Govt. Al-Hussain Isl. Secondary School, Muzaffarabad
  • Govt. High School, Makhdum Rasheed
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Qadir Pur Ran
  • Multan Public School and College
  • Govt. Millat High School, New Multan
  • Govt. Nusrat-ul-Islam High School, Multan Cantt
  • Govt. Samra Public High School
  • Govt. Jame-ul-Aloom High School, New Multan
  • Beaconhouse Public School for Girls
  • Govt. Bokhari Public High School
  • Govt. High School, Piran Ghaib
  • Govt. M.A. Jinnah High School Qasimpur Colony
  • Govt. Iqbal Secondary School
  • Govt. Pakistan High School
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Budhla Sant
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Ailam Pur
  • Govt. High School, Ayazabad Maral
  • Noukhez Public High School, New Multan
  • Govt. New Millat High School, Mumtazabad
  • Govt. Islamia High School, Aam Khas Bagh
  • Boys High School, Pakarab Fertilizer Ltd.
  • Multan Gems High School For Girls
  • Shahwar Model Girls High School, Jalilabad
  • St. Mary’s Convent Girls Higher Secondary School, Multan Cantt
  • Govt. Muslim High School
  • Govt. Model High School, Shamasabad
  • Govt. Model High School, Gulgasht Colony
  • Govt. High School, Matotli
  • Govt. Comprehensive School
  • Govt. High School, Nawab Pur
  • Govt. Islamia High School, Daulat Gate
  • Govt. Islamia High School, Haram Gate
  • Govt. C.T.M. High School, Ismailabad
  • Govt. Atta Faiz-e-Aam High School
  • Govt. Jauhar High School
  • Govt. M.C High School, Rashid Abad
  • Govt. Rafah-e-Aam High School
  • Govt. Secondary School of Special Education for Hearing Impaired (Girls)
  • Govt. Pilot Secondary School
  • The Olive Tree School (for girls), Gulgasht Colony
  • Gilson Public High School (for girls), New Multan
  • Pak Turk International School & College
  • Junaid Public High School (for boys), People Colony
  • Govt. High School, Sabra Jalalpur Pirwala
  • Muslim English Public Boys High School, 71-Mujtabad Canal View
  • Govt. High School, Lal Pur
  • Sibtain Highs English Medium High School, Shah Rukn-e-Alam
  • Bahria Foundation High School, 26-Officers Colony
  • Grammar High School, Multan Cantt
  • Missali Junior Public Secondary School (Regd.)
  • Kids Foundation School (for girls), Kachehry Road
  • Premier Public School (for girls), Bosan Road
  • Govt.Girls High School, Jal Wala
  • Govt. Girls High School, Railway Gate, Shujabad

Colleges for Boys

Colleges for Girls

  • F.G. College for Women, Multan
  • Govt. College for Women, Chungi No. 6, Multan
  • Govt. College for Women, Chungi No. 14, Multan
  • Govt. College for Women, Jalalpur Pirwala
  • Govt. College for Women, Kutchery, Multan
  • Govt. College for Women, Makhdoom Rashid
  • Govt. College for Women, Mumtazabad, Multan
  • Govt. College for Women, Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Multan
  • Govt. College for Women, Shujabad
  • Govt. College of Home Economics, Multan
  • Govt. Fatima Jinnah College for Women, Masoom Shah Road, Multan
  • Govt. Zainab College for Women, Chowk Shaheedan, Multan
  • Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan. (ICMA Pakistan),[5] Multan

Professional Education Centers

  • Institute of Modern Arts and Languages (IMAL 360), Multan
  • Career Institute Pakistan,[6] Multan
  • Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan. (ICMA Pakistan),[7] Multan
  • Pakistan Vocational Training Centre, Multan.
  • The Ace International School System,
  • Ace School of Languages, 2-A Bosan Road, Multan, 0616221383

Medical and Dental Schools


Newly Established Universities (Government of Punjab Charted/PEC Visited twice)

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