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List of community development blocks in India

Administrative structure of India

In India a community development block (CD block) is a rural area administratively earmarked for development.[1] The area is administered by a Block Development Officer, supported by several technical specialists and village level workers.[2] A community development block covers several gram panchayats, local administrative unit at the village level.

In some states of India CD Blocks are currently considered to be 3rd-level administrative units (equal to tehsils in other states). Bihar, for example, has 38 districts, 101 subdivions (sub-districts) and 534 CD Blocks.[3] West Bengal has 18 districts and 341 development blocks.[4]


The concept of the community development block was first suggested by Grow More Food (GMF) Enquiry Committee in 1952 to address the challenge of multiple rural development agencies working without a sense of common objectives.[5] Based on the GMF Enquiry Committee's recommendations, the community development programme was launched on a pilot basis in 1952 to provide for a substantial increase in the country’s agricultural programme, and for improvements in systems of communication, in rural health and hygiene, and in rural education and also to initiate and direct a process of integrated culture change aimed at transforming the social and economic life of villagers.[6] The community development programme was rapidly implemented. In 1956, by the end of the first five-year plan period, there were 248 blocks, covering around a fifth of the population in the country. By the end the second five-year plan period, there were 3,000 blocks covering 70 per cent of the rural population. By 1964, the entire country was covered.[7]

States with Blocks (3rd level administration)

State CD Block Number of
CD Blocks
Bihar CD Block 534
Haryana CD Block 140
Jharkhand CD Block 263[8]
Odisha CD Block 314
Tripura CD Block 58
Uttarakhand CD Block 95

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