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List of castles in Greece

This is a list of castles in Greece.


Castles & Fortesses in Greece
Name Location Era Image
Acrocorinth Corinth Ancient/Byzantine period Akrokorinth Looking North.jpg
Acronauplia Nafplion Ancient/Byzantine/Frankish/Venetian period Τραβέρσα Γκαμπέλο 7792.jpg
Agios Georgios Castle Cephalonia Byzantine/Venetian period Kefalonia Fae363.jpg
Agios Andreas Castle Preveza Ottoman/Venetian period St Andrews castle 2015 021.jpg
Agios Georgios Castle Preveza Ottoman period St Georges Castle Preveza Boissonnas1913.jpg
Amfissa Castle Amfissa Ancient/Byzantine/Frankish period
Angelokastro (Corfu) Corfu Byzantine/Venetian periods Angelokastro (Corfu).jpg
Anthousa Castle Anthousa, Preveza (regional unit) Ottoman period
Anthimachia Castle Kos Byzantine period Antimachia.JPG
Aptera Fortress Chania Ottoman period Festung Firkas von Aptera aus.jpg
Araklovo Castle Minthi, Elis Byzantine period
Arkessini Castle Acropolis of Arkessini, Amorgos Ancient period Acropole Arkesini Amorgos.JPG
Arta Castle Arta Byzantine period Arta Castle Greece 16.jpg
Asini Castle Asini, Argolis Ancient period 20090728 asini31.jpg
Assos Castle Assos, Cephalonia Venetian period
Asos Castle Cephalonia Greece.jpg
Arkadia Castle Kyparissia Frankish period Kyparissia.jpg
Astypalaia Castle Astypalaia Frankish/Venetian period Kylindra1.JPG
Castle of Bouka Preveza Ottoman & Venetian periods IAN 0107 Coronelli 1686 Preveza.jpg
Bourtzi Nafplio Venetian period Bourtzi Nafplion.JPG
Bourtzi (Karystos) Karystos Venetian period Bourtzi castle Karystos.JPG
Castle of Chalkis (Karababa) Chalkis Ottoman period Κάστρο Καράμπαμπα 0039.jpg
Castle of Chios Chios Genoese period Chios Genoese Castle Walls 1.jpg
Castle of Mytilene Mytilene Ancient/Byzantine/Genoese period Fortress of Mytilini, Lesvos 2.jpg
Chlemoutsi northwestern Elis Frankish period Castello Chlemoutsi.jpg
Cythera Castle Cythera (island) Venetian period Kythira - Hora 1.jpg
Didymoteicho Castle Didymoteicho Ancient/Byzantine period 20120603 Gate Kalioporta Pylh Gefyras Kale Didymoteixo Evros Greece.jpg
Elea Castle Elea, Thesprotia Ancient period
Eleutherae Attica Ancient period Eleutheres1.jpg
Esphigmenou Monastery-fortress Mount Athos Byzantine period Esphigmenou monastery 2006.jpg
Exomvourgo Fortress Exomvourgo, Tinos Venetian period Exobourgo.jpg
Firkas Fortress (Revellino) Chania Ottoman period Flag harbour Chania Crete Greece.jpg
Fortezza of Rethymno Rethymno, Crete Venetian period Rethymno Fortezza 04.JPG
Fortifications of Chania Chania Venetian period Προμαχώνας Σαν Σαλβατόρε 8796.JPG
Fortifications of Heraklion Heraklion Venetian period Επιπροχώνας Αγίου Ανδρέα 4763 r.JPG
Fotodotis monastery-fortress Naxos Byzantine period Moni Fotodotis Naxos 6-15 c AD 119694.jpg
Frangokastello South Crete Venetian period Frangokastello Südseite.jpg
Fyli Castle Fyli Ancient period
Gardiki Castle southwestern Corfu Byzantine/Venetian period Gardiki Castle.jpg
Glarentza Castle northwestern Elis Frankish period
Goulas Castle Akrotiri (Santorini) Venetian period GoulasAkrotiri18072007.jpg
Gramvousa Castle Gramvousa Venetian period Kastro Gramvousas 05.JPG
Heptapyrgion Thessaloniki Byzantine/Ottoman period THES-Heptapyrgion SE.jpg
Kales Castle Ierapetra, Crete Venetian period Καλές, Ιεράπετρα 0975.jpg
Ioannina Castle Ioannina Byzantine/Ottoman period 20140415 ioannina188.JPG
Itzedin Fortress Souda Bay Ottoman period Itzedin Fortress-Nelo Hotsuma.jpg
Kalamata Castle Kalamata, Messenia Byzantine/Venetian/Ottoman period Kalamata Burg.jpg
Kalymnos Castle Kalymnos Byzantine period Kastro tou Choriou.JPG
Karytaina Castle Karytaina Frankish period Karitena4.JPG
Kassiopi Castle Kassiopi, Corfu Byzantine/Venetian period Detail of the south wing of the entrance at Kassiopi Castle.JPG
Kastelli of Pyrgos Pyrgos Kallistis, Santorini Venetian period Kasteli in Pyrgos, Santorini.jpg
Kastellos (Kritinia) Kritinia, Rhodes Hospitaller period Kastelos 1.jpg
Kavala Castle Kavala Byzantine period Kavala Castle.jpg
Kazarma fortress Sitia Venetian period Sitia R01.jpg
Koroni Castle Koroni Venetian/Ottoman period Koroni Festung Pano.jpg
Koules Fortress (Rocca al Mare) Heraklion Venetian period Kreta - Iraklion - Alter Hafen2.jpg
Lamia Castle Lamia (city) Byzantine period Fortress of Lamia.jpg
Larissa Castle Larissa, Argos Ancient/Byzantine period Argos2.jpg
Laskara Castle Preveza Late Ottoman period Laskara Fort South View.jpg
Leros Castle Leros Hospitaller period Kastro.jpg
Lindos Castle Acropolis of Lindos Ancient/Byzantine/Hospitaller period Lindos castle 4.jpg
Methoni Castle Methoni Venetian/Ottoman period Methoni Castle Mesenia Greece.jpg
Mithymna Castle Mithymna, Lesbos Byzantine period Molyvos.jpg
Monastery of Saint John the Theologian Patmos Byzantine period Chora di Patmos con il Monastero di San Giovanni "il teologo".JPG
Monemvasia Fortress Monemvasia Byzantine/Venetian period Monemvasia - Rock.jpg
Moni Arkadiou Arkadi, Crete Venetian period Crete MoniArkadiou1 tango7174.jpg
Monolithos Castle Monolithos, Rhodes Hospitaller period Monolithos 1.jpg
Myrina Fortress Myrina, Lemnos Byzantine period Lemnos fort (7697900874).jpg
Mystras Palace Mystras Byzantine period Mystras palace.JPG
Nafpaktos Castle Nafpaktos Venetian period Lepanto naupactus venecian fortress.JPG
Naxos Castle Naxos Venetian period Naxos2.jpg
Nerantzia Castle Kos Knights period COS7220065.JPG
New Fortress, Corfu Corfu (city) Venetian period Korfu Neue Festung (1).jpg
New Navarino fortress Pylos Ottoman period Pylos Festung 380.jpg
Old Fortress, Corfu Corfu (city) Venetian period Old Fortress Contrafossa and Bridge.jpg
Old Navarino castle Near Pylos Frankish period Palaiokastro and Nestors Cave.jpg
Orchomenus (Boeotia) Castle Orchomenus (Boeotia) Ancient period Orchomenos 04 C.jpg
Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes Rhodes (city) Hospitaller/Ottoman/Italian period Palace Grand Master Rhodes.jpg
Palaiokastro Mandraki, Nisyros Hospitaller period Paleokastro in Nisyros 20-jun-2013 01.jpg
Palamidi Nafplion Venetian period Palamidi castle - Agios Andreas Bastion.jpg
Pantokrator Castle Preveza Ottoman period Pantocratoras castle in Preveza.jpg
Parga Castle Parga Venetian/Ottoman period Parga Festung.jpg
Patras Castle Patras Byzantine period Patras' castle from up close.jpg
Pente Pigadia Fort Kleisoura Ottoman period Ottoman castle of Five Wells in Preveza.jpg
Platamon Castle Platamon Frankish period GR-platamonas-festung.jpg
Pleuron Castle Pleuron, Aetolia Ancient period
Fortifications of Rhodes Rhodes (city) Byzantine/Hospitaller/Ottoman/Italian period Gate d'Amboise 02.jpg
Riniasa Castle / Thomokastro Riza, Preveza Byzantine period
Rio Castle Rio Ottoman/Venetian period Rio Castle 7.JPG
Rogoi/Bouchetion Nea Kerasounta, Preveza Ancient/Byzantine period Fortress of Rogoi 2.jpg
Saint John Castle Archangelos, Rhodes Hospitaller period Archangelos002.JPG
Santa Maura Castle Lefkada Venetian period 20140412 lefkada307.JPG
Simonopetra monastery-fortress Mount Athos Byzantine period Simonopetra Aug2006.jpg
Skiathos Castle Skiathos Byzantine period
Spinalonga Castle Spinalonga Ancient/Venetian period Spinalonga, Elounta.jpg
Stavronikita monastery-fortress Mount Athos Byzantine period Stavronikita Aug2006.jpg
Tiryns Castle Acropolis of Tiryns Ancient (Mycenaean) period Tiryns general view.jpg
Toroivia Castle Komboti, Aetolia-Acarnania Ancient period
Trikala Castle Trikala Byzantine period
Vonitsa Castle Vonitsa Byzantine/Ottoman/Venetian period Vonitsa - Greece - View from the sea.jpg
Voukation Castle Paravola (near Agrinion) Ancient period Voukation Paravola.jpg
Vrysoula Bastion Preveza Venetian/Ottoman period
Walls of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Byzantine period Wallsthess.jpg
Xenophontos monastery-fortress Mount Athos Byzantine period Athos-xenophontos.jpg


Towers in Greece
Name Location Era Image
Aigosthena Tower Aigosthena, Attica Ancient period Aigosthena-5.jpg
Agia Tower Naxos Venetian period Pyrgos Agias 03.jpg
Annunziata Tower Corfu (city) Venetian period Corfu Annunziata R02.jpg
Avlonari Tower Avlonari, Euboea Venetian period Vigla Avlonari noon 2.JPG
Belonia Tower Naxos Venetian period GR-naxos-pirgos-belonia.jpg
Crispi Tower Naxos Venetian period Building from terrace, Byzantine Museum Naxos, 143770.jpg
Fokea Tower Fokea, Chalkidiki Byzantine period Byzantine tower at Nea Fokea 05.jpg
Gratsia Tower Naxos Venetian period Gratsia Venetian pyrgo Chalki Naxos 17th c, 13M420.jpg
Markellos Tower Aegina Venetian period 20100412 eginf11.jpg
Ouranoupolis Tower Ouranoupolis, Chalkidiki Byzantine period ByzantineTower Ouranopolis2.jpg
Sanudo Tower Naxos Venetian period Tower of Sanudo, side view.JPG
Vasiliko Tower Euboea Venetian period Vasiliko tower 8074668.JPG
White Tower of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Ottoman period Bílá věž, Thesalloniki.jpg


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