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List of canonised popes

This article lists the Popes who have been canonised or recognised as Saints in the Roman Catholic Church they had led. A total of 83 (out of 266) Popes have been recognised universally as canonised saints, including all of the first 35 Popes (31 of whom were martyrs) and 52 of the first 54. If Pope Liberius is numbered amongst the Saints as in Eastern Christianity, all of the first 49 Popes become recognised as Saints, of whom 31 are Martyr-Saints, and 53 of the first 54 Pontiffs would be acknowledged as Saints. In addition, 13 other Popes are in the process of becoming canonised Saints: as of December 2018, two are recognised as being Servants of God, two are recognised as being Venerable, and nine have been declared Blessed or Beati, making a total of 95 (97 if Pope Liberius and Pope Adeodatus II are recognised to be Saints) of the 266 Roman Pontiffs being recognised and venerated for their heroic virtues and inestimable contributions to the Church.

The most recently reigning Pope to have been canonised was Pope John Paul II, whose cause for canonisation was opened in May 2005. John Paul II was beatified on May 1, 2011, by Pope Benedict XVI and later canonised, along with Pope John XXIII, by Pope Francis on April 27, 2014.[1] Pope Francis also canonised Pope Paul VI on October 14, 2018.


  1. Pope Adeodatus I[2]
  2. Pope Adrian III[3]
  3. Pope Agapetus I
  4. Pope Agatho
  5. Pope Alexander I
  6. Pope Anacletus
  7. Pope Anicetus
  8. Pope Anastasius I
  9. Pope Anterus
  10. Pope Benedict II
  11. Pope Boniface I
  12. Pope Boniface IV
  13. Pope Caius
  14. Pope Callixtus I
  15. Pope Celestine I
  16. Pope Celestine V
  17. Pope Clement I
  18. Pope Cornelius
  19. Pope Damasus I
  20. Pope Dionysius
  21. Pope Eleuterus
  22. Pope Eugene I
  23. Pope Eusebius
  24. Pope Eutychian
  25. Pope Evaristus
  26. Pope Fabian
  27. Pope Felix I
  28. Pope Felix III
  29. Pope Felix IV
  30. Pope Gelasius I
  31. Pope Gregory I (St. Gregory the Great)
  32. Pope Gregory II
  33. Pope Gregory III
  34. Pope Gregory VII
  35. Pope Hilarius
  36. Pope Hormisdas
  37. Pope Hyginus
  38. Pope Innocent I
  39. Pope John I
  40. Pope John XXIII
  41. Pope John Paul II
  42. Pope Julius I
  43. Pope Leo I (St. Leo the Great)
  44. Pope Leo II
  45. Pope Leo III
  46. Pope Leo IV
  47. Pope Leo IX
  48. Pope Linus
  49. Pope Lucius I
  50. Pope Marcellinus
  51. Pope Marcellus I
  52. Pope Mark
  53. Pope Martin I
  54. Pope Miltiades
  55. Pope Nicholas I (St. Nicholas the Great)
  56. Pope Paschal I
  57. Pope Paul I
  58. Pope Paul VI[4]
  59. Pope Peter
  60. Pope Pius I
  61. Pope Pius V
  62. Pope Pius X
  63. Pope Pontian
  64. Pope Sergius I
  65. Pope Silverius
  66. Pope Simplicius
  67. Pope Siricius
  68. Pope Sixtus I
  69. Pope Sixtus II
  70. Pope Sixtus III
  71. Pope Soter
  72. Pope Stephen I
  73. Pope Stephen IV
  74. Pope Sylvester I
  75. Pope Symmachus
  76. Pope Telesphorus
  77. Pope Urban I
  78. Pope Victor I
  79. Pope Vitalian
  80. Pope Zachary
  81. Pope Zephyrinus
  82. Pope Zosimus
  83. Pope Adeodatus II
  84. Pope Liberius is regarded as a Saint in most of Eastern Christianity.


  1. Pope Benedict XI
  2. Pope Eugene III
  3. Pope Gregory X
  4. Pope Innocent V
  5. Pope Innocent XI
  6. Pope Pius IX[5]
  7. Pope Urban II
  8. Pope Urban V[6]
  9. Pope Victor III[7]


  1. Pope John Paul I[8]
  2. Pope Pius XII

Servants of God

  1. Pope Benedict XIII[9]
  2. Pope Pius VII

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