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List of airports in Egypt

This is a list of airports in Egypt, grouped by type and sorted by location.


City served/location ICAO IATA Airport name
Civil airports      
6th of October HESX SPX Sphinx International Airport
Abou Redis   AUE Abu Rudeis Airport
Abu Simbel HEBL ABS Abu Simbel Airport
Alexandria HEAX ALY Alexandria International Airport
Alexandria / Borg El Arab HEBA HBE Borg El Arab Airport
Almaza HEAZ   Almaza Air Base
Assiut HEAT ATZ Assiut Airport
Aswan HESN ASW Aswan International Airport
Cairo HECA CAI Cairo International Airport
Dakhla Oasis HEDK DAK Dakhla Oasis Airport
El Arish HEAR AAC El Arish International Airport
El Dabaa HEAL DBB El Alamain International Airport
El Gouna HEGO   El Gouna Airport
El Gora HEGR EGH El Gora Airport
El Kharga HEKG UVL El Kharga Airport
El Tor HETR ELT El Tor Airport
Giza HEEM   Embaba Airport (closed)
Hurghada HEGN HRG Hurghada International Airport
Luxor HELX LXR Luxor International Airport
Marsa Alam HEMA RMF Marsa Alam International Airport
Marsa Matrouh HEMM MUH Marsa Matruh Airport
Port Said HEPS PSD Port Said Airport
Ras Shokeir     Ras Shokeir New Airport
Sharq El Owainat HEOW GSQ Sharq El Owainat Airport
Sharm El Sheikh HESH SSH Sharm El Sheikh International Airport
Sohag HEMK HMB Sohag International Airport
St. Catherine HESC SKV St. Catherine International Airport
Taba HETB TCP Taba International Airport
Military airports      
Cairo HECW CWE Cairo West Air Base
Cairo HEAZ   Almaza Air Force Base
Cairo HE13 Wadi El Gandali Airport

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