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List of Presidents of Corrèze General Council

In French politics, The President of Corrèze General Council prepares and supervises the spending of the budget and the decisions voted by the general councillors. He is in charge of financial management and is head of the department administration.

He has numerous functions: convening and chairing meetings, preparing and carrying out deliberations, signing conventions and acting as legal representative of the institution. If necessary, the President can delegate some of his functions to his vice-presidents.

The President of the General Council is assisted by 7 vice-presidents entrusted with different missions. Together they form the Bureau which decides the main outlines of department policy and ensures their implementation.

Chirac and Hollande were both President of the Corrèze General Council
President Party Took office Left office
Félix Lestang Communist 1945 1946
Elie Rouby SFIO ; Socialist 1946 1970
Jacques Chirac UDR - RPR 1970 1979
Georges Debat DVD 1979 1982
Armand Boucheteil Communist 1982 1985
Charles Ceyrac RPR 1985 1992
Jean-Pierre Dupont RPR ; UMP 1992 2008
François Hollande Socialist 2008 2012
Gérard Bonnet Socialist 2012 Incumbent

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