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List of Parliamentary constituencies in Norfolk

The county of Norfolk is divided into 9 Parliamentary constituencies - 2 Borough constituencies and 7 County constituencies.


  † Conservative   ‡ Labour   ¤ Liberal Democrat

Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map
Broadland CC 77,334 15,816   Keith Simpson   Ian Simpson
Great Yarmouth CC 71,408 7,973   Brandon Lewis   Mike Smith-Clare
Mid Norfolk CC 80,027 16,086   George Freeman   Sarah Simpson
North Norfolk CC 69,271 3,512   Norman Lamb   James Wild
North West Norfolk CC 72,062 13,788   Henry Bellingham   Jo Rust
Norwich North BC 66,924 507   Chloe Smith   Christopher Jones
Norwich South BC 74,182 15,596   Clive Lewis   Lana Hempsall
South Norfolk CC 83,055 16,678   Richard Bacon   Danielle Glavin
South West Norfolk CC 77,874 18,312   Elizabeth Truss   Peter Smith

Boundaries 1997–2010

Prior to 2010, Norfolk was divided into eight constituencies, 2 of them borough and six of them county.

Name Boundaries 1997–2010
  1. Great Yarmouth CC
  2. Mid Norfolk CC
  3. North Norfolk CC
  4. North West Norfolk CC
  5. Norwich North BC
  6. Norwich South BC
  7. South Norfolk CC
  8. South West Norfolk CC
Parliamentary constituencies in Norfolk

Election results

Historical representation by party

A cell marked → (with a different colour background to the preceding cell) indicates that the previous MP continued to sit under a new party name.

1885 to 1918

  Conservative   Labour   Liberal   Liberal Unionist

Constituency 1885 86 1886 86 1892 93 95 1895 98 99 1900 04 1906 06 Jan 1910 Dec 1910 12 15 18
Great Yarmouth Tyler Moorsom Colomb Fell
King's Lynn Bourke Jarvis Bowles Bellairs Bowles Ingleby
Norfolk East Birkbeck Price
Norfolk Mid R. Gurdon Higgins R. Gurdon Wilson Wodehouse Boyle Jodrell
Norfolk North Cozens-Hardy W. Gurdon Buxton
Norfolk North West Arch Cavendish-Bentinck Arch White Hemmerde
Norfolk South Taylor Soames
Norfolk South West Tyssen-Amherst Hare Winfrey
Norwich (Two members) Colman Bullard Tillett Low Young
Bullard Hoare Roberts

1918 to 1950

  Coalition Labour   Coalition Liberal (1918-22) / National Liberal (1922-23)   Conservative   Independent   Labour   Liberal

Constituency 1918 20 1922 1923 1924 26 1929 30 31 1931 1935 39 41 43 1945
Great Yarmouth Fell Harbord Meyer Harbord Jewson Kinghorn
King's Lynn Jodrell Woodwark Roche Maxwell Roche Wise
Norfolk East Falcon Seely Neville Lygon Medlicott
Norfolk North King Buxton Noel-Buxton Cook Gooch
Norfolk South Cozens-Hardy Edwards Hay Edwards Christie Mayhew
Norfolk South West Winfrey McLean Taylor McLean de Chair Dye
Norwich (Two members) Young Jewson Young Shakespeare Paton
Roberts Smith Fairfax Smith Hartland Strauss Noel-Buxton

1950 to 1983

  Conservative   Labour   National Liberal (1931-68)   Social Democratic

Constituency 1950 1951 55 1955 59 1959 62 1964 1966 1970 Feb 1974 Oct 1974 1979 81
Great Yarmouth Kinghorn Fell Gray Fell
King's Lynn / North West Norfolk (1974) Wise Scott-Miller Bullard Page Brocklebank-Fowler
Norfolk Central Medlicott Collard Gilmour
Norfolk North Gooch Hazell Howell
Norfolk South Baker Hill MacGregor
Norfolk South West Dye Bullard Dye Hilton Hawkins
Norwich North Paton Wallace Ennals
Norwich South Strauss Rippon Norwood Stuttaford Garrett

1983 to present

  Conservative   Labour   Liberal Democrats

Constituency 1983 1987 1992 1997 2001 2005 09 2010 2015 2017
Broadland Simpson
Mid Norfolk Ryder Simpson Freeman
South Norfolk MacGregor Bacon
South West Norfolk Hawkins Shephard Fraser Truss
North Norfolk Howell Prior Lamb
North West Norfolk Bellingham Turner Bellingham
Great Yarmouth Carttiss Wright Lewis
Norwich North Thompson Gibson Smith
Norwich South Powley Garrett Clarke Wright Lewis

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  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.