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List of New York City Subway R-type contracts

This is a list of all R-type contracts in the New York City Subway.[1]


Contract number Details Unit number(s) Manufacturer Year manufactured Status
R1 (R2) Passenger cars
(R2 was the truck/motor package for R1)
100–399 American Car & Foundry 1930-1931 Retired, 100/103/381 preserved
R3 Work/maintenance cars 01-06 (flat cars), 31-36 (side dump cars),
41-42 (drill motors), 51 (supply car), 56 (pump car)
Magor Car Corporation 1931-1932 Retired, pump car 56/drill motor 41 preserved
R4 (R5) Passenger cars
(R5 was the truck/motor package for R4)
400–899 American Car & Foundry 1932–1933 Retired, 401/484/800/825 preserved
R6-3 Passenger cars 900–1149 American Car & Foundry 1935–1936 Retired, 923/925/978/983/1000/1144 preserved
R6-2 1150–1299 Pullman 1936 Retired
R6-1 1300–1399 Pressed Steel Co. Retired, 1300 preserved
R7 1400–1474 American Car & Foundry 1937 Retired, 1440 preserved
1475–1549 Pullman Retired
R7A 1550–1599 1938 Retired, 1575 preserved
1600–1649 American Car & Foundry Retired
R8 Crane car 71 Magor Car Corporation 1939 Retired
R8A Blind motor revenue collection cars 66–67[2] St. Louis Car 1939 Retired
R9 Passenger cars 1650–1701 American Car & Foundry 1940 Retired, 1689 preserved
1702–1802 Pressed Steel Co. Retired, 1801/1802 preserved
R10 1803–1852, 3000–3349[3] American Car & Foundry 1948 Retired, 3184/3189 preserved
R11 8010–8019 Budd Company 1949 Retired, 8013 preserved
R12 5703–5802 American Car & Foundry 1948 Retired, 5760/5782 preserved
R13 Track cleaning unit Never purchased
R14 Passenger cars 5803–5952 American Car & Foundry 1949 Retired, 5871 preserved, 5944 in work service
R15 5953–5999, 6200–6252 1950 Retired, 6239 preserved


Contract number Details Unit number(s) Manufacturer Year manufactured Status
R16 Passenger cars 6300–6499 American Car & Foundry 1954–1955 Retired, 6305/6339/6387/6398 preserved
R17 6500–6899 St. Louis Car 1954–1956 Retired, 6609/6688 preserved, some in work service
R18 Pump/hose car Never purchased because no bids were received
R19 Diesel locomotive (for R18) Never purchased
R20 Assorted work cars X100-X103 (tank cars), C214-C216 (crane cars),[4]
D207-D210 (dump cars),[5] F111-F141 (flat cars)[6]
Magor Car Corporation 1958 Retired, F116 preserved
R21 Passenger cars 7050–7299 St. Louis Car 1956–1957 Retired, 7194 preserved, some in work service
R22 7300–7749 1957–1958 Retired, 7371/7422 preserved, many in work service
R23 Hopper cars H250-H279[7] Marshall Railway Equipment 1958 Presumed retired
R24 Two wheel truing machines
R25 One wheel truing machine
R26 Passenger cars 7750–7859 American Car & Foundry 1959–1960 Retired, 7774-7775 preserved
R27 8020–8249 St. Louis Car 1960–1961 Retired
R28 7860–7959 American Car & Foundry 1960–1961 Retired, 7924-7927 preserved
R29 8570–8805 St. Louis Car 1962 Retired, 8678-8679 preserved
R30 8250–8351 1961 Retired
R30A 8352–8411 Retired, 8394 preserved
R30 8412–8569 1962 Retired, 8481/8506/8522 preserved, 8429/8558 in work service
R31 Vacuum train V285A-V285C Presumed retired
R32 Passenger cars 3350–3649 Budd Company 1964-1965 In service
R32A 3650–3949 1965
R33 8806–9305 St. Louis Car 1962–1963 Retired, many preserved, many others in work service
R33S[8] 9306–9345 1963
R34 Same as R11[9]
R35 Flat cars F150-F164[10] Marshall Railway Equipment 1965 In service (overhauled as R101s/R141s)
R36[11] Passenger cars 9346-9769 St. Louis Car 1963-1964 Retired, 9542-9543 & 9586-9687 preserved
R37 45-ton diesel-electric locomotives 50-53 General Electric 1965 In service
R38 Passenger cars 3950–4149 St. Louis Car 1966–1967 Retired, 4028-4029 preserved
R39 Passenger cars 120 cars; Never purchased
R40 Passenger cars 4150–4349 (Originally 4150–4249, 4350–4449) St. Louis Car 1968–1969 Retired, 4280-4281 preserved
R40A 4350–4449 (slant-ended cars, originally 4450-4549)
4450–4549 (straight-ended cars, originally 4250–4349)
Retired, 4480-4481 preserved
R41 45-ton diesel-electric locomotives 54-59 General Electric 1968 In service
R42 Passenger cars 4550–4949 St. Louis Car 1969–1970 In service


Contract number Details Unit number Manufactured Year manufactured Status
R43 45-ton diesel-electric locomotives 60-62 General Electric 1971 In service
R44 Passenger cars 5202–5479 (NYCT)[12]
388–435, 436–466 (even) (SIR)
St. Louis Car 1971–1973 NYC Subway cars retired, SIR cars in service
R45 Crane cars C218-C219 Atlas Car Manufacturing Co. 1973 In service
R46 Passenger cars 5482–6258[13] Pullman 1975–1977 In service
R47 45-47-ton diesel-electric locomotives 63-70, N1-N2 General Electric 1975 In service
R48 Rail derrick cars & flat cars C212-C213 (rail derrick cars)
F224-F225 (flat cars)
Maxson Corp 1977
R49 Flat cars F165-F184 1972 In service
R50 Signal supply cars Never purchased (became the R74)
R51A Flat cars F142-F149 Maxon Corp 1976 In service
R51B F185-F199
R52 45-ton diesel-electric locomotives 71-82 General Electric 1977 In service
R53 Crane cars C251-C255 Fuji Heavy Industries 1979 In service
R54 Supply cars Never purchased
R55 Passenger cars Never purchased, but rebranded as R68 & R68A
R56 Two-car rail welding unit W301-W302 Maxson Corp 1981 In service
R57 Self-propelled crane car
R58 Flat cars (for refuse) RF01-RF27 Fuji Heavy Industries 1983 In service
R59 Track geometry car TGC1 Plasser 1984 In service
R60 Track gang car Never purchased
R61 Self-propelled crane cars C211, C216 Fuji Heavy Industries 1983 In service
R62 Passenger cars 1301–1625 Kawasaki Heavy Industries 1983–1985 In service
R62A 1651–2475 Bombardier Transportation 1984–1987
R63 Track Geometry Car TGC2 Plasser 1988 In service
R64 Door operator mechanism
R65 Pump cars PC01-PC03 Kawasaki Heavy Industries/New York Rail Car 1989 In service
R66 Tank cars T204-T206 Fuji Heavy Industries 1983 In service
R67 Fabricated trucks (became R84-R87)
R68 Passenger cars 2500–2924 Westinghouse-Amrail-ANF 1986–1988 In service
R68A 5001–5200 Kawasaki Heavy Industries 1988–1989


Contract number Details Unit number Manufacturer Year manufactured Status
R69 Prototype air conditioning for 8 B-Division passenger cars Never purchased
R70 Ballast cars Never purchased
R71 35 rider cars, 6 de-icer cars,
3 hose cars, 6 reach cars (passenger car conversions)
RD321-RD361 (rider, hose, and de-icer cars) MTA (in-house) Hose/reach & de-icer cars in service
R72 Flat cars F200-F219, F221-F223, PF220 Garrett Corp 1983 In service
R73 Crane cars C256-C258 Fuji Heavy Industries 1984 In service
R74 Signal supply cars S01-S02 Fuji Heavy Industries 1984 In service
R75 5 diesel locomotives Never purchased
R76 Door modernization 900 cars (R26, R28, R29, R33, R36)
R77 Model SL50 diesel locomotives 883-902 General Electric 1983 In service
R77E Model SL50E electric locomotives (5 from R83 contract) E01-E10 In service
R78 Rail grinding car RG24A1-1 Fairmont Rail 1983 Presumed retired
R79 Self-propelled rail changer C259 Plasser 1985 Presumed retired
R80 Hopper cars H280-H297 Maxson Corp 1983 In service
R81 10 rider cars (passenger car conversions) Incorporated into R71 contract
R82 4 flat cars Incorporated into R72 contract
R83 5 electric locomotives & passenger cars Electric locomotives incorporated into R77E contract, passenger cars never purchased
R84-R87 2 prototype & 8 production trucks Production trucks cancelled
R88 14 rail car movers 1 purchased
R89 Rail grinding car RG24A1-12 Fairmont Rail 1985 Presumed retired
R90-R93 Pilot overhauls (4 cars)
R94 Used flat cars Cancelled
R95 Revenue collection car-locker car pairs
(passenger car conversions)
0R714/1R714-0R723/1R723 MTA (in-house) 1988 Retired, 0R714/1R714 preserved
R96 Overhaul 43 flat cars
R97 1 vacuum train Cancelled
R98 Retrofit traction motors
R99 Same as R29[14]
R100 2 crane cars Never purchased
R101 Reconditioned flat cars F500-F529 LB Foster 1987 In service
R101A Reconditioned flat cars F531-F532 NYCT (in-house) 2001 In service
R102 10-ton crane cars C272-C280 Thrall Car 1989 In service
R103 Side dump cars D437-D439 LB Foster 1990 In service
R104 Overhaul 13 locomotives, upgrade 22 other locomotives
R105 1 ballast distributor
R106 New car design - future cars Incorporated into R110 contract
R107 New car design - lightweight trucks
R108 New car design - propulsion controls
R109 New car design - auxiliary systems
R110A Prototype new technology passenger cars 8001-8010 Kawasaki 1992 Retired, some pending work service
R110B Prototype new technology passenger cars 3001-3009 Bombardier Transportation 1992 Retired, 3001/3004-3006/3008 used for training
R111 Funding/purchasing 2 cranes
R112 Dynamometer for track testing Never purchased
R113 12-ton Crane cars C260-C271 Thrall Mfg Co 1991 In service
R114 20 flat cars Cancelled
R115 Prototype air conditioning unit designing & testing Cancelled
R116 Hopper cars H310-H319 Thrall Mfg Co 1989 In service
R117 10 diesel-electric locomotives Cancelled (design stage for R120)
R118 3 hopper cars Incorporated into R116 contract
R119 2 10-ton crane cars Incorporated into R102 contract
R120 Diesel-electric locomotives L903-L909 Republic Locomotive Works 1990-1991 In service
R121 Overhaul 22 flat cars and 2 crane cars
R122 Overhaul 18 R51 flat cars
R123 Continuous welded rail trains ACR01-ACR08, BCR01-BCR08,
CCR01-CCR08, DCR01-DCR08
MTA (in-house) 1989 Retired
R124 Ballast tampers cars TP231-TP233 In service
R125 Model PBR-550 ballast regulator cars BR002-BR003 Plasser In service
R126 Same as R47 & R52[15]
R127 Refuse train propulsion cars EP001-EP010 Kawasaki 1990-1991 In service
R128 Same as R123[16]
R129 Overhead cranes (for shop)
R130 Same as R110A
R131 Same as R110B
R132 Replace Coney Island Yard cranes (planning MW104111)
R133 Same as R58[17]
R134 Refuse train propulsion cars EP011-EP018 Kawasaki 1994-1996 In service
R135 Overhaul 4 diesel locomotives
R136 Same as R59 & R63[18]
R137 Vacuum trains VT101-VT105, VT201-VT205 Socofer/Neu Transf'Air 1997 (VT1xx)
2000 (VT2xx)
In service
R138 Overhaul 18 hopper cars
R139 Overhaul 4 refuse flat cars
R140 Rail grinding train[19] RG101-RG103 Harsco Track Technologies/Pandrol Jackson 2008 In service
R141 Reconditioned NYCT flat cars F501-F506 (SIR), F601-F638 AMF Technotransport 1997 In service


All passenger rolling stock made in this time period are New Technology Trains.

Contract number Details Unit number(s) Manufacturer Year ordered Year manufactured Status
R142 Passenger cars 6301–6980 (primary order)
6981–7180, 1101–1250 (option order)
Bombardier January 1997 (primary order)
March 1997 (option order)
1999–2002 (primary order)
2002-2003 (option order)
In service
R142A 7211–7610 (primary order)
7611–7730 (option order)
7731-7810 (supplemental order)
Kawasaki August 1997 (primary order)
October 1997 (option order)
1999–2002 (primary order)
2002-2003 (option order)
2003-2004 (supplemental order)
In service
R143 8101–8200 (primary order)
8201-8312 (option order)
Kawasaki 1998 2001–2003 In service
R144 Funding for heavy shop equipment[20] 1998 Funding only
R145 R72 overhaul program 1998 Complete
R146 Snow removal cars ST101-ST202 RPM Tech 1999 2003 In service
R148 Ballast tamping cars TP236-TP239 Plasser 1999 2003 In service
R149 Overhaul 9 crane cars 1999 Cancelled
R153 Funding for R161 conversion program 1999 Order only
R155 Same as R102 & R113[21]
R156 Model MP8AC-3 diesel-electric locomotives OL912-OL939 MotivePower Industries 2006 2012-2013 In service
R157 Flat cars (16 for continuous welded rail to replace remaining R123s) F639-F677, ACR01-ACR08, BCR01-BCR08 Kawasaki 2001 2008-2009 In service
R159 Same as R71[22]
R160A Passenger cars 8313–8652, 9943-9974 (4 car sets)
8653–8712 & 9233–9802 (5 car sets)
Alstom 2003 2005–2010 In service
R160B 8713–9232, 9803–9942 Kawasaki / Siemens
R161 Rider cars (passenger car conversions) RD400-RD441 MTA (in-house) January 2000 In service
R162 Crane cars C281-C292 Harsco Track Technologies 2008 In service
R164 Funding for R188 option cars 2008 Funding only
R169 Procuring for 2 AC dynamometers 2008 Funding only
R170 3 overhead cranes 2009
R172 Model PBR-550T ballast regulator cars BR004-BR005 Plasser 2009 2013 In service
R174 Same as R156 (19 locomotives)
R175 Replace shop equipment 2009 Complete
R177 Funding for third vacuum train (pre-design phase) 2010 Funding only
R179 Passenger cars 3010-3327 Bombardier Transportation 2008 2016-2018 In service
R181 207th Street Overhaul Shop cranes & equipment 2010-2014 Capital Program
R182 AC/DC Traction Motor Dynamometers 2010-2014 Capital Program
R188 Passenger cars 7211-7590 (conversions)
7811-7898 (new sets)
7899-7936 (new "C" cars)
Kawasaki 2006[23] 2011–2016 In service
R190 Snow removal cars ST301-ST306 RPM Tech 2013 In service
R194 Replace shop equipment 2017 TBD Under planning
R211 Passenger cars TBD Kawasaki Rail Car Corp. 2011 2020–2025 Under planning
R251[24] Unpowered vacuum trains VT301-VT303, VT401-VT403, VT501-VT503 Socofer/Neu Transf'Air 2015 2018 In service
R252[25] Flat cars (to replace R72s and R101s) F801-F854 (tentatively) TBD 2017 2019- Under delivery
R253[25] 3-ton crane cars (12 units) TBD 2017 TBD Under planning
R254[25] Refuse flat cars (to replace R58s) (27 units) TBD 2017 TBD Under planning
R255[25] Diesel-electric locomotives (52 units) TBD 2017 TBD Under planning
R256[25] Signal supply cars (to replace R74s) (2 units) TBD 2017 TBD Under planning
R262[26]:25 Passenger Cars (to replace R62s and R62As) approximately 1,500 (1,139 to replace R62s and R62As; remainder for fleet expansion) TBD TBD TBD Under planning
  • Car types that currently have CBTC: R143, R160A (fleet numbers 8313-8380), and R188.
  • Car types that will have CBTC in the future: R142, R142A, R160A (remainder), R160B, R179, R211, and R262.


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