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List of Canadian political parties by time in office

This is a list of Canadian political parties in order of time in power since confederation and as of June 23, 2019. This list counts time during an election campaign as belonging to the preceding party.


The different names used by the Conservative party throughout its history are listed both together and by their individual times. Note that the Conservatives were never in power while using the name "National Government".

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  1. Liberal Party of Canada: 31,676 days (86 years, 265 days) (incumbent)
  2. Conservative Parties: 23,786 (65 years, 44 days)
    1. Lib.-Cons. coalition with CPC: 10,594 days (29 years, 2 days)
    2. Progressive Conservative Party of Canada: 5,739 days (15 years, 260 days)
    3. Conservative Party of Canada: 3,558 days (9 years, 271 days)
    4. Conservative Party of Canada (historical): 2,356 days (6 years, 164 days)
    5. Unionist coalition: 1,002 days (2 years, 271 days)
    6. National Liberal and Conservative Party: 537 days (1 year, 172 days)

Ontario Provincial

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  1. Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario: 29,712 days (81 years, 127 days) (incumbent)
  2. Ontario Liberal Party: (62 years, 68 days)
  3. Ontario New Democratic Party: 1,729 days (4 years, 268 days)
  4. United Farmers of Ontario 1,340 days (3 years 244 days)