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List of Campeonato Brasileiro Série A broadcasters

This is a list of television broadcasters which provide coverage of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, Brazilian football's top level competition.


Broadcaster Platforms Games
Rede Globo Free-to-air 1 to 3 matches per week in free-to-air are broadcast live Wednesdays at 21:30, Saturdays at 16:30 (sporadicaly) and Sundays at 16:00
SporTV Pay 2 matches per week plus 3 final round games on pay TV, all simulcast on Premiere. Blacked out in states where matches are played to protect pay-per-view and encourage fans to go to stadiums (except for Athletico Paranaense, Bahia, Ceará, Coritiba, Fortaleza, Internacional, Palmeiras and Santos games)
TNT Maximum of 2 matches per week, only matches involving TNT partners (Athletico Paranaense, Bahia, Ceará, Coritiba, Fortaleza, Internacional, Palmeiras and Santos) games are broadcast.
Premiere All 10 matches per week on pay-per-view, some simulcast on SporTV (except for Athletico Paranaense games)

International Broadcasters

Europe broadcasters

Country Language Broadcasters
 Portugal Portuguese Canal 11 (only Flamengo games are broadcast)
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian Arena Sport

Brazil TV ratings

Season Globo
2003 23.9[1]
2004 25.5[1]
2005 27.5[1]
2006 26.2[1]
2007 21.1[1]
2008 20.0[1]
2009 23.2[1]
2010 20.9[1]
2011 21.1[1]
2012 17.1[2][3]
2013 17.0[2]
2014 16.8[4][5]
2015 18.1[6]
2016 22.0
2017 26.2


In 1987

With only conveying the Green Module of the Copa União, organized by the Clube dos 13, the television rights were sold for $3.4 million to Rede Globo.[7][8] And only with the conveying of the championship final, SBT broadcast the game instead, a blow to the Rede Globo, who says today that the Green Module would be the league itself, and then was prevented from entering the Ilha do Retiro.[9][10][11]

Besides Rede Globo, Rede Bandeirantes and Rede Manchete also took the rights to broadcast the matches.[citation needed]

Only Rede Bandeirantes acquired the broadcast rights to the next season.[citation needed]

The contract was negotiated for $6 million.

League broadcasting rights was traded for $10.4 million.

  • In 1996

A new contract was signed for $15 million.

In 1997

Began to be restricted games live in cities where the matches are held (except finals). The Clube dos 13 closed the contract with Rede Globo's television rights as the holder of the Brasileirão for $50 million (including editions of 1998 and 1999), and resolves itself split the rights with Rede Bandeirantes during this period. It was the first edition to be shown on pay-per-view (vía Premiere)

In 2000

Rede Globo's broadcast for Copa João Havelange was negotiated for $50 million.

  • In 2001

The Clube dos 13 defines four divisions quota transmission. Group 1: Corinthians, São Paulo, Palmeiras, Flamengo and Vasco, Group 2: Santos, Group 3: Fluminense, Botafogo, Atlético Mineiro, Cruzeiro, Internacional and Grêmio; Group 4: Bahia, Goiás, Sport, Portuguesa, Coritiba, Atlético Paranaense, Bahia and Vitória.

  • In 2002

Globo back to resell its broadcasting rights to another station. This time it was Globo's rival, Rede Record, broadcasting the 2006 edition

  • In 2003

It expanded the TV contract to $130 million per year in the first issue disputed by points accrued.

  • In 2004

The championship will be broadcast by 120 countries.

  • In 2005

The C13 renews with Globo for the triennium season (2005–2008) by $300 million per year.

  • In 2007

After teaming up with Rede Record, Rede Bandeirantes returns to transmit up to 2010 edition

  • In 2009

For the first time, the rights were open bidding for the sale of broadcasting rights of the Brazilian Championship. All the media were invited to bid for TV packages open, closed, PPV, internet and broadcast abroad. Rede Globo has signed the largest TV contract in history of Brazilian football for $1.4 billion in the editions of 2009, 2010 and 2011.[citation needed]

  • In 2011

On 23 February 2011, Corinthians required its disaffiliation of the Clube dos 13 for not agreeing with the way in which the entity was negotiating the rights to broadcast the League for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 with various media communication stakeholders.[12][13][14] The same goes to Botafogo on 25 March of the same year.[15] Previously, the club, along with Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco, had already announced that it would negotiate their broadcast rights directly, without mediation of Clube dos 13, position then later also by Coritiba and Cruzeiro and then Vitória, Santos, Goiás, Bahia and Sport.


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