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List of Cambodian films of 2009

The amount of Cambodian films dropped from more than 60 in 2006 to less than 10 in 2009. All films released in this year were only available in theaters. Many directors turned to producing long Khmer soap operas rather than actual movies. However, Davy Chou's "The Twin Diamond'produced by Kun Khmer Kone Khmer and "Vanished"produced by KMF are promising to enhance the Khmer film industry :


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Ahp Kalum Pov Pumngea Sokun Darayu Horror, Comedy Produced by Classic Production
Vanished Sarai Sakana Thriller Produced by Khmer Mekong Films
Kmouch Luong Pass Sok Pov Pumngea Sokun Darayu Horror Produced by Classic Production
Pume Neak Klahan Lim Sokhon Yuthara Chany Legendary
Residue Tim Pek Suspense
The Bravery Dies Under a Seven colored Flag Yuthara Chany Legendary
The Twin Diamonds Davy Chou Suspense Produced by Kun Khmer Kone Khmer

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