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List of Algerians

Notable Algerians include:


Writers (including poets)

New media


Directors and filmmakers


Leaders and politicians

Ancient Algeria


Early Islamic Algeria

  • Abu Qurra, Proclaimed Caliph by the banu ifran Berber tribe , he is the founder of the indigenous Berber Muslim movement of Kharijite tendencies in North Africa and also founder of the Emirate of Tlemcen.
  • Ibn Rustom, Of Persian descent he is the founder of the Rustamid dynasty centered around Tiaret in modern day Algeria.

Regency / Kingdom of Algiers (Al-Jazāʾir)

  • Hassan Agha, 16th-century Prince of Algiers; defeated Emperor Charles V in Algiers
  • Baba Aruj, 16th-century corsair; leader of the Regency of Algiers
  • Hayreddin Barbarossa, brother and successor of Aruj
  • Rais Hamidou, Nicknamed 'Amir el Bihar' (leader of the seas) He was the admiral and last great leader of the Algerian Navy. He was of berber descent and is said to have captured more than 200 ships during his career.
  • Zymen Danseker, A Dutch privateer during the Eighty Years' War , ended up becoming admiral of the Algerian fleet from 1600-1610. He is said to have introduced the round ship to the Algerians.
  • Sulayman Reis, A Dutch privateer during the Eighty Years' War he later turned to the corsair activity swearing allegiance to the Sultan of Algiers and became an officer under Zymen Danseker.

Algeria under French colonization

  • Emir Abdelkader, 19th-century leader of the resistance against French colonisation
  • Hadj Ahmed Bey, last Bey of Constantine; fought the French Army during two sieges in 1836 and 1837
  • Messali Hadj, founder of the first North African and then Algerian Nationalist Parties
  • Lalla Fatma N'Soumer, 19th-century female leader of the Kabyle resistance against the French
  • Mohamed Seghir Boushaki, 20th-century leader of the Kabyle political resistance against the French
  • Mohamed Deriche, 20th-century leader of the Kabyle political resistance against the French

Revolutionary War of Independence

Independent Algeria


Scientists and philosophers

Military and intelligence services

Musicians and singers




Musiques du monde




Religious figures

Scholars and academics





Association football




Ice hockey


Other sports

  • Ali Boulala, professional skateboarder; Algerian and Swedish descent
  • Kahina Bounab, volleyball player
  • Sofia Boutella, rhythmic gymnast; in France, appeared in several Nike commercials; model for H&M; French national of Algerian descent
  • Alfred Nakache, Olympian world champion swimmer and water polo player


  • Djamel Beghal, French Algerian convicted of terrorism
  • Abdul Nacer Benbrika, found guilty of being the leader of a terrorist organisation
  • Mokhtar Belmokhtar, sentenced to death for murder and terrorism
  • Slimane Khalfaoui, French-Algerian terrorist convicted of the Strasbourg cathedral bombing plot
  • Ahmed Ressam, Algerian al-Qaeda member convicted of attempting to bomb the Los Angeles International Airport on New Year's Eve 1999
  • Abu Musab Abdel Wadoud, leader of the Algerian Islamic militant group Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb

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