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Landi Khana railway station

Landi Khana railway station
د لنډي خانې د اورګاډي اډه
Line(s)Khyber Pass Railway
Opened23 April 1926
Closed15 November 1932
Preceding station   Landi Khana railway station   Following station
Torra Tigga   Line
Khyber Pass Railway

Landi Khana railway station (Pashto: د لنډي خانې د اورګاډي اډه‎; Urdu: لنڈی خانہ ریلوے اسٹیشن‎) was a railway station near the Pakistani town of Torkham, on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. It was established on 23 April 1926 during British rule.[1] The railway connecting the station to nearby Landi Kotal was closed on 15 December 1932 on Afghan government requests.[2]

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c. 1930-40s: Landi Khana Railway Station.

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