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Lake Central Airlines

Lake Central Airlines
IATA ICAO Callsign
- - -
Commenced operations1950
Ceased operations1968, June 1
Operating basesWeir Cook Airport (now Indianapolis International Airport)
Fleet sizeDouglas DC-3,
Convair 340,
Convair 580,
Beechcraft Bonanza,
Nord 262.
Parent companyEmployee owned
HeadquartersIndianapolis, Indiana, United States

Lake Central Airlines was an airline that served points in the midwestern and eastern United States from 1950 to 1968, when it merged into Allegheny Airlines. In 1979 Allegheny became USAir. In 1997 USAir became US Airways. In 2015 US Airways was acquired by American Airlines.


The airline was founded as Roscoe Turner Airlines; it was based at Weir Cook Airport (now Indianapolis International Airport) in Indianapolis, Indiana. Lake Central's network in the 1950s extended from Chicago to Pittsburgh; in August 1953 it scheduled flights to 21 airports and in May 1968 to 39.

Like other local service airlines regulated by the federal Civil Aeronautics Board, Lake Central was subsidized; in 1962 its revenue of $10.8 million included $4.2 million of "pub. serv. rev.".[1]

In February 1955 Lake Central Airlines became the first employee-owned scheduled airline in the history of the air transport industry.[2] 162 employees (65% of the total) bought 97.5% of the outstanding stock, 25% outright and the rest financed over 24 months.

Effective July 1, 1968, the airline was acquired by and merged into Allegheny Airlines. Allegheny later closed the Indianapolis base and sold the Nord 262s, which had proven unreliable.[3] Lake Central had planned on acquiring new Boeing 737-200s but the order was cancelled.


Lake Central's first Nord 262 was delivered in August 1965

It flew Douglas DC-3s, Convair 340s, Convair 580s, Beechcraft Bonanzas, and Nord 262s. DC-3 flights ended in 1967 and by spring 1968 Lake Central had an all-turboprop fleet of Convair 580s and Nord 262s.[4]

Historical fleet

Lake Central Airlines previously operated the following aircraft: [5]

Destinations in 1968

Shortly before the merger into Allegheny Airlines, Lake Central was serving the following cities with Convair 580s and Nord 262s in its April 28, 1968 timetable:[6]

Accidents and incidents

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