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Nickname(s): The Land of Bright Yellow Michelia Champaca (Burmese: စကားဝါမြေ)
Kyaukpadaung is located in Myanmar
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 20°50′N 95°8′E / 20.833°N 95.133°E / 20.833; 95.133
Country  Burma
Region Mandalay Region
District Nyaung-U District
Township Kyaukpadaung Township
Time zone GMT+6:30 (UTC+6.30)

Kyaukpadaung (Burmese: ကျောက်ပန်းတောင်းမြို့ [tɕaʊʔ bə dáʊɴ mjo̰]) is a town in Mandalay Region in Central Myanmar. It lies just south-west of Mount Popa. It is the administrative seat for Kyaukpadaung Township.


The name of Kyaukpadaung is derived from Kyauk (ကျောက်; Rock) + Pann (ပန်း; Flower) + Taung (တောင်း; Basket).

Kyaukpadaung is also known as the city of Jaggery (ထန်းညက်)


Since the name of this town is related to rock. There are some rocky-hills nearby and in town. The extinct Vocalno Mount Popa is about 10 miles from town.

Rock Climbing

Close to rail way station, there is a rock climbing and bouldering site.


Rail transport has been established since World War II, on the Pyinmana-Kyini Link. Buses and cars operate to and fro nearby townships. Kyaukpadaung is situated on the link road of Yangon-Myingyan-Mandalay road and Yangon-Meiktila-Mandalay.


In 1994, telephone system was upgraded, from Manual Switching Exchange to Auto Telephone System. Local Area Code is 061, it was same as Chauk.


Kyaukpadaung is located in Hot & Dry zone, and rain measure getting about 40 inch and below. Temperature during Summer: High=36~39'C, Low= 25~28'C, and Winter: High=30~31'C, Low=19~23'C. Popa region is an oasis in central Myanmar.


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