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Kråkevisa (The Crow Song), also known as Bonden og Kråka (The Farmer and the Crow) and Mannen Han Gjekk Seg i Vedaskog (The Man Went Into the Firewood Forest), is a widespread Norwegian name for a folk song and jocular ballad spread over all of Scandinavia. There are different versions in Norway, which also uses other melodies. Kråkevisa was sometimes sung by two people as a duel song, where the loser was the one who forgot the verses, or was not able to come up with new verses. Variants are also known in Danish, Faroese, and Swedish. Although the song is counted to the Scandinavian medieval ballads, it is still widely well-known, often as a song for children.

In 2018, the song was covered by Danish musician Amalie Bruun under her Myrkur moniker.


TSB F 58, The tremendous bird.

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