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Koudiat Acerdoune Dam

Koudiat Acerdoune Dam
Barrage Koudiet Asserdoune سد كدية اسردون.jpg
Koudiat Acerdoune Dam is located in Algeria
Koudiat Acerdoune Dam
Location of Koudiat Acerdoune Dam in Algeria
Official nameBarrage Koudiat Acerdoune
Coordinates36°29′18″N 03°35′31″E / 36.48833°N 3.59194°E / 36.48833; 3.59194
Construction began2002
Opening date2008
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity
ImpoundsIsser River
Height121 m (397 ft)
Length493 m (1,617 ft)
Dam volume1,600,000 m3 (2,092,721 cu yd)
Total capacity640,000,000 m3 (518,856 acre⋅ft)

The Koudiat Acerdoune Dam is a gravity dam located 9.5 km (6 mi) southwest of Kadiria on the Isser River in Bouïra Province, Algeria. The dam was constructed between 2002 and 2008 with the roller-compacted concrete technique. It serves the purposes of providing water for industrial, irrigation and municipal uses.[1] It retains a 640,000,000 m3 (518,856 acre⋅ft) capacity reservoir which supplies water for the irrigation of 20,000 ha (49,421 acres) of land along with providing the Algiers region with 178,000,000 m3 (144,307 acre⋅ft) of drinking water annually.[2]

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