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Kostrići massacre

Kostrići massacre
Part of the Croatian War of Independence
Kostrići massacre is located in Croatia
Kostrići on the map of Croatia. Territories controlled by Serb or JNA forces in late December 1991 are highlighted in red.
LocationKostrići, Croatia
Coordinates45°08′24″N 16°31′59″E / 45.14°N 16.533°E / 45.14; 16.533
Date15 November 1991
TargetCroat civilians
Attack type
Summary executions, ethnic cleansing
PerpetratorsKaline Komogovina paramilitary unit

The Kostrići massacre (Croatian: pokolj u Kostrićima) was the killing 16 Croat civilians in the village of Kostrići, near Hrvatska Kostajnica by Serb paramilitary unit "Kaline Komogovina" on 15 November 1991 during the Croatian War of Independence. Among those killed were two children. The oldest victim was 93 years old.[1]

The Serb paramilitary unit of "Kaline Komogovina", which was led by Stevo Borojević "Gadafi", entered the village from two directions, from Hrvatska Kostajnica and Majur. In one house they found a young woman with two children (aged two and four), whom they asked for her husband, Zlatko Jurić. After being told that he had gone to the neighbouring village Stubalj, the three were killed. The husband reported the crime to Milan Martić's militia (the police force of SAO Krajina) in Kostajnica, and was then killed.[2] The village was looted and burned. Only seven victims were identified. Some victims were found after the war in burned and destroyed homes.[3]

Two alleged members of the paramilitary unit have been charged with killing five police officers and two civilians in the village Volinja in October 1991.[4]

In 2011 a monument to the victims, with names inscribed, was unveiled in the village.

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