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Koda language

Native toBangladesh
RegionChota Nagpur
Native speakers
47,268 (2011 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3cdz

Koda, also known as Kora, Kaora, Korali, Korati, Kore, Mudi, or Mudikora,[3] is an endangered Munda language of India and Bangladesh. There were 1,300 speakers in Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh in 2005, but many said that Bengali was their best language. Koda is closely related to the Kol language.

Kim (2010)[4] considers Koda and Kol to be Mundari cluster languages. Koda-speaking villages include Kundang and Krishnupur in Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh, while Kol villages include Babudaing village.

Most Kodas are adherents of the Sonaton religion or are mainstream Hindus.


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