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Kinilnat made of Sesbania grandiflora flowers and tomatoes.
Alternative namesEnsalada
Place of originPhilippines
Main ingredientsVegetables (any of sweet potato, bitter melon, string bean shoots and fruits, horseradish tree leaves and blossoms, taro, cabbage, West-Indian pea blossoms, winged beans, fern shoots)

Kinilnat, or ensalada, is an Ilocano salad.[1] Popular vegetables that are used as ingredients to this dish include the shoots and leaves of the sweet potato and bitter melon, shoots and the fruits of the string bean, and horseradish tree leaves and blossoms, taro, cabbage, blossoms of the West-Indian pea, and winged beans, fern shoots, or other various vegetables such as eggplant.[1] The leaves, shoots, blossoms, or the other parts of the plant are blanched, drained and dressed with bagoong (preferably) or patis, and sometimes souring agents like calamansi or cherry tomatoes are added, as well as freshly ground ginger.

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