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Kilij Arslan IV

Kilij Arslan IV
Seljuq sultans of Rum
PredecessorKaykaus II
SuccessorKayqubad II
ConsortGumaḉ Khatun[1]
IssueSaljuk Khatun
Full name
Rukn ad-Dīn Qilij Arslān bin Kaykhusraw
FatherKaykhusraw II

Kilij Arslan IV (Old Anatolian Turkish: قِلِج اَرسلان) or Rukn ad-Dīn Qilij Arslān bin Kaykhusraw (Persian: رکن الدین قلج ارسلان بن کیخسرو‎) was Seljuq Sultan of Rûm after the death of his father Kaykhusraw II in 1246. He was installed by the Mongol Empire, as sultan over his elder brother, Kaykaus II.[2] He was executed in 1266 by the Pervâne Mu‘in al-Din Suleyman.


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Preceded by
Kaykhusraw II
Sultan of Rum
Succeeded by
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