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Khanon htok

Khanon htok
TypeSnack (mont)
Place of originMyanmar (Burma)
Region or stateSoutheast Asia
Associated national cuisineBurmese
Main ingredientsegg, flour, onions, chicken, shrimp

Khanon dok (Burmese: ခနုံထုပ်; pronounced [kʰənòʊɴdoʊʔ]; also spelt khanon htok) is a traditional Burmese snack or mont. The word khanon htok is a portmanteau of Thai khanom (lit. 'dessert') and Burmese htok (lit. 'parcel'). The snack is essentially a stuffed crepe-like omelette filled with sauteed chicken or shrimp, and rolled like an eggroll.

Khanon dok is a popular delicacy in Mandalay, where it was considered a favorite snack of the Mandalay Palace royals during tea time or supper.[1][2] A series of Burmese–Siamese wars beginning with Hsinbyushin's reign resulted in the emergence of Thai-inspired delicacies, including khanon dok, shwe yin aye, mont let hsaung, and mont di.[3]


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