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Khanom thian

Khanom thian (Thai: ขนมเทียน, candle pudding or pastry) is a type of Thai khanom (snack or dessert)[1] prepared in the shape of a candle.[2] It originated in northern Thailand, and is used by some people as a ceremonial dish.


Khanom thian is a pudding or pastry prepared using rice flour or corn flour, coconut milk that has been sweetened, such as with brown sugar,[3] and sesame seeds.[2] Salt is also sometimes used as an ingredient.[3] The mixture is then steamed in banana leaves formed into an enclosed packet shaped like a cone.[2][3][4] After being cooked, its color is similar to that of molasses.[3] It is sometimes garnished with shredded coconut.[3]


The dish originated in the northernmost part of Thailand.[4] Khanom thian has been described as a "ceremonial pudding", and the dish is used as an offering by Chinese Thais to their ancestors during New Year's Eve ceremonies.[4] After the ceremonial offering, khanom thian is given to friends and relatives as a gift.[4]

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