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Kevin Greenaugh

Kevin C. Greenaugh
Personal details
OccupationAmerican Scientist Nuclear Engineer

Kevin Greenaugh (born May 15, 1956) is an American nuclear engineer and senior manager at the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) in Washington, DC, United States.

Early life and education

Born in the United Kingdom as a U.S. military dependent, Greenaugh has been a part of the military and commercial energy industry for multiple decades. After attending school in Berlin, Germany at the height of the cold war, Greenaugh later decided to go to college early and became the first African American to receive a doctorate in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Maryland.[1]

Greenaugh is a member of the Senior Executive Service and the Assistant Deputy Administrator for Strategic Partnership Programs of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). He served as the senior advisor for Policy to the Administrator of NNSA.

He has participated in numerous Congressional hearings and provided briefings to members of the House and Senate. He testified at a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and briefed the Senate Armed Services Committee on the science and systems of the nuclear deterrent. He manages a program involving the defense of planet earth from improbable collision of near-earth-objects. This led to him publishing technical papers and being quoted in the New York Times [2] and Physics Today (February, 2017). It has since yielded two technical reports for NASA: "Studies of Short Time Response Options for Potentially Hazardous Objects: Current and Forthcoming Results" [3] and "Multi-Organization – Multi-Discipline Effort Developing a Mitigation Concept for Planetary Defense." [4]

Greenaugh has been an adjunct professor at Howard University for over twenty-five years, where he teaches courses of the School of Engineering.

Greenaugh has over 35 years’ experience working in the nuclear enterprise and energy industry. He worked at MITRE Corporation, where he was one of the primary consultants in the Energy Resources Division and worked national energy issues such as extending the life of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. In addition, Dr. Greenaugh worked for eight years as a scientist and engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory (location of the invention of the atomic bomb), where he published numerous technical reports on his research activities pertaining to Energy and Nuclear Non-proliferation.

He has published and presented numerous technical papers andreceived national awards, including Black Engineer of the Year, proclamations from multiple U.S. cities, and National Trail Blazer Award in Science. He also received the Centennial Award for Science from Omega Psi Phi fraternityin 2011.

Greenaugh received his Bachelors in Chemistry from Mercer University, a Masters in Nuclear Engineering from the University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), a Masters in Public Policy from the University of New Mexico (Santa Fe), Post-Masters studies at the University of Arizona, and his doctorate in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Maryland. He received an engineering certificate in Technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Greenaugh was named Black Engineer of the Year for achievement in government by Career Communications and cited at the A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland in 2006.[5] Kevin Greenaugh is a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity Gamma Zeta chapter.


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