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Kevin C. Kane

The Kevin C. Kane was formerly an FDNY fireboat and is currently being refitted as a long-haul tugboat.[1][2] She was commissioned in 1992, participated in two high-profile events: responding to al Qaeda's attack on the World Trade Center, on September 11, 2001; the rescue of airline passengers from the airliner that landed on the Hudson River.[3] She was auctioned off after she incurred damage during Hurricane Sandy. The vessel was named after a firefighter who lost his life in the line of duty.[4]

According to Barbara La Rocca, author of Going Coast New York City, the Kevin C. Kane was the busiest fireboat in the World.[5]

In 2017 her second owner sold her, after not making a real effort to repurpose her, to Mike Cole, owner of Iron Works Construction in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin. Cole is adapting the vessel to serve as a tugboat.[2] According to Cole, removing her fire pumps and water cannon reduced her draft by more than a foot, but, during the refit, he plans to add two further decks to her superstructure, to provide accommodation for her crew on long voyages.


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