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Kaure–Kosare languages

Nawa River
New Guinea
Linguistic classificationa primary language family
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Map: The Kaure–Kapori languages of New Guinea
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The Kaure–Kosare languages are a small family in West Papua, near the northern border with Papua New Guinea.[1]


Kaure and Kosare (Kosadle) are clearly related. There is a history of classifying them with Kapori and Sause at a more distant level. However, Kapori and Sause show no particular connection to the Kaure languages, and may be closer to Kwerba.[1]

Foley (2018) considers a connection with Trans-New Guinea to be promising, but tentatively leaves Kaure-Kosare out as an independent language family pending further evidence.[2] While Kapauri had previously been classified by others as part of the Kaure group of languages, Foley (2018) considers the evidence linking Kaure with Kapauri to be insufficient. As a result, Kapauri is considered by Foley to be an isolate.

Basic vocabulary

Basic vocabulary of Kaure languages (Kaure, Kosare, Narau, Kapauri) from Foley (2018):[2]

Kaure family basic vocabulary
gloss Kaure Kosare Narau Kapauri
‘bird’ hok huʔ irini
‘dog’ se siʔ unu
‘eat’ (ka)de- (ke)ne- (ka)na- tatu
‘fire’ salen sa sare sene
‘I/we’ wen nuʔ ‘I’, wene ‘we’ kako ‘I’, aru ‘we’
‘knee’ aimon aimó nʉvol
‘leg/foot’ dowe tibiʔ nue tie
‘louse’ min miʔ hanu
‘moon’ paka paka pakaru
‘netbag’ ta ta nifri
‘sky’ depu nubu hunu
‘tooth’ sepokai sindeiʔ sebekai wanu
‘water’ bi mie bi bu
‘you’ hane ine u


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