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Kandhkot (Sindhi: ڪنڌڪوٽ‎, Urdu: كندھ كوٹ‎) is a city and tehsil in Kashmore District in the Sindh province of Pakistan.[1] The Kandhkot is the 7th largest city in Sindh Province and 14th, in Pakistan. Kandhkot Anaj Mandi is said to be the second largest grain market of Asia. Its Sports Stadium is the 3rd largest Stadium in Sindh Province, and 12th, in Pakistan. Kandhkot Sports Stadium has recently received the acceptance of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board). The city, village and towns of Kandhkot: 1. Kandhkot (City) 2. Kashmore (Town) 3. Tangwani (Town) 4. Karmpur (Town) 5. Ghouspur (Town) 6. Bakhshapur (Village)

Population of Kashmore District. 1. Kandhkot Population 5 Lacs 2. Kashmore Population 93,050 3. Tangwani Population 30,000 4. Karmpur Population 26,000 5. Ghouspur Population 22,000 6. Bakhshapur Population 19,000

Gas and oil field

Kandhkot Gas Field was discovered in 1959. Kandhkot Gas Field’s reserves are concentrated in the Habib Rahi Limestone, Sui Main and Upper Limestone reservoirs. Although Kandhkot Gas Field was discovered shortly after Sui gas field, production did not begin until 1987 due to low gas demand.[2]