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Kamoro language

RegionMiddle south coast of Western New Guinea
Native speakers
(8,000 cited 1987)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3kgq

The Kamoro language is an Asmat–Kamoro language spoken in New Guinea by approximately 8,000 people. Dialect diversity is notable, and Kamoro should perhaps not be considered a single language.[3]


'Dialects' are as follows.[3]

  • Yamur (far west around Yamur Lake and Etna Bay)
  • Western (Japakòparè, Kéàkwa and Umari Rivers, 450 speakers in 1953)
  • Tarjà (Opa River, 500 speakers speakers in 1953)
  • Middle (Wàkia river to the upper Mimika river, 4,300 speakers speakers in 1953)
  • Kàmora (Kàmora River, 400 speakers speakers in 1953)
  • Wània (Wània River 1,300 speakers speakers in 1953)
  • Mukumùga (Mukumùga river, 800 speakers speakers in 1953)


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