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Regions with significant populations
India • Pakistan
Related ethnic groups
Muslim Kamboh

The Kamboj (Urdu: کمبوہALA-LC: Kamboh, Punjabi: ਕੰਬੋ Kamboj), also Kamboh, is a community mainly in the Northern India and eastern Pakistan.

During Mughal rule

Some Kamboj occupied key military and civil positions during the Turkic and the Moghul reign in northern India.[1] The historian M. Athar Ali said that "The Sayyids and the Kambohs among the Indian Muslims were specially favoured for high military and civil positions during Moghul rule".[2]


Numerous foreign and Indian writers have described the modern Sikh Kambojs as some of the best agriculturists of India.[3][need quotation to verify]

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