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Kalyna (cipher)

First published2010; 2014/2015 (Standard)
Related toRijndael (AES)
CertificationDSTU 7624:2014 (Ukraine)
Cipher detail
Key sizes128, 256 or 512 bits
Block sizes128, 256 or 512 bits
Rounds10, 14 or 18 (depending on key size)

Kalyna (Ukrainian: Калина, Viburnum opulus) is a symmetric block cipher. It supports block sizes of 128, 256 or 512 bits; the key length is either equal to or double the block size.

Kalyna was adopted as the national encryption standard of Ukraine in 2015 (standard DSTU 7624:2014) after holding Ukrainian national cryptographic competition. Kalyna is a substitution-permutation network and its design is based on the Rijndael (AES) encryption function having quite different key schedule, another set of four different S-boxes and increased MDS matrix size.

Kalyna has 10 rounds for 128-bit keys, 14 rounds for 256-bit keys and 18 rounds for 512-bit keys. Independent researchers proposed some attacks on reduced-round variants of Kalyna, but all of them have a very high complexity and none of them are practical.

Word size Block size Key size Identification Rounds
64 bits 128 bits 1×128 = 128 bits Kalyna-128/128 10
2×128 = 256 bits Kalyna-128/256 14
256 bits 1×256 = 256 bits Kalyna-256/256
2×256 = 512 bits Kalyna-256/512 18
512 bits 1×512 = 512 bits Kalyna-512/512


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