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Kalanguya language

RegionLuzon, Philippines
Native speakers
ca. 100,000 (2010 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
kak – Kalanguya
ify – Keley-i
Kallahan language map.png
Area where Kalanguya is spoken according to Ethnologue

Kalanguya, also called Kallahan, is a dialect cluster spoken by the Kalanguya people of northern Luzon, Philippines.


Keley-i Kallahan (also called Antipolo Ifugao, Hanalulo, Keley-i, Keley-i Kalanguya, Keleyqiq Ifugao) is spoken in Kiangan and Aritao municipalities of Ifugao Province. Dialects are Bayninan and Ya-Tuka (Ethnologue).

Kalanguya (also called Ikalahan, Kalangoya, Kalangoya-Ikalahan, Kallahan, Kayapa) is spoken in (Ethnologue):

Kalanguya dialects are (Ethnologue):

  • Central Kalanguya (Kayapa)
  • Northern Kalanguya (Ambaguio, Tinoc)
  • Southern Kalanguya (Santa Fe)
  • Western Kalanguya (Benguet)


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