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Kaiwo Maru (1930)

Kaiwo Maru

Kaiwo Maru (海王丸) is a Japanese former training barque. She was built by Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation in Kobe, and was launched on 27 January 1930 alongside her sister ship Nippon Maru.[1] She was operated by the Tokyo Institute for Maritime Training to train officers for Japan's merchant marine.[1] At the beginning of World War II, her sailing rig was removed and she served as a training and postwar transport motorship.[1] In 1955, her rig was reinstalled and she resumed her training voyages until she was replaced in 1989 by her successor, also named Kaiwo Maru.[1][2] She is now a museum ship located in Imizu, Toyama.[3]

Kaiwo Maru measures 97 metres (318 ft) long, with a beam of 12.95 metres (42.5 ft) and a draft of 6.90 metres (22.6 ft).[1] Her gross tonnage is 2,286.[1] She is rigged as a four-masted barque, with 32 sails covering 2,397 square metres (25,800 sq ft), and two 600-horsepower diesel engines for auxiliary functions.[1] During her career as a training ship, she was manned by a crew of 27 officers, 48 seamen, and 120 trainees.[1]


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