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Kadu languages

Nuba Mountains, Sudan
Linguistic classificationNilo-Saharan?
  • Western
  • Central
  • Eastern

The Kadu languages, also known as Kadugli–Krongo or Tumtum, are a small language family of the Kordofanian geographic grouping, once included in Niger–Congo but since Thilo Schadeberg (1981) widely seen as Nilo-Saharan. However, there is little evidence for either classification, and a conservative classification would treat the Kadu languages as an independent family.[2]

Blench (2006) notes that Kadu languages share similarities with multiple African language phyla, including Niger-Congo and Nilo-Saharan, suggesting a complex history of linguistic convergence and contact.[3]


There are three branches:


Hall & Hall (2004)[4], based on Schadeberg (1987)[5], classify the languages as follows.


Kamda, Tulishi

Damba, Kadugli


Katcha, Tuna

Kanga, Kufa, Kursi, Lima, Shororo

Krongo-Abdullah, Tumma


Kurondi, Talasa, Tumtum

Dafalla (2000) compares 179 cognates in Kadugli, Kamda, Kanga, Katcha, Keiga, Kufa, Miri, Shororo-Kursi, and Tulishi. Dafalla's (2000) results are similarly to those of Schadeberg (1989).

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